Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bigger hellholes

Wohoo, I’ve found a new flat in town. This means that next month I’m moving to a much bigger hellhole. Yay and hurrah and yippee all rolled into one.

So now I’m puttering around, thinking about moving. I’ll pack all my stuff into boxes, which I will forget to label, even though I bought a special marker for the occasion. This will lead to chaos. My kitchen stuff will be confused with bathroom stuff, what I think will be livingroom stuff will, in fact, turn out to be bedroom stuff and the knickknacks will be MIA. Still, it’s kinda fun figuring out where all your crap should go.
Also, since it will probably be raining, everyone’ll drag mud into my apartment and then I’ll need to hose it down, or something. But what the hell.

And you know what? I just made a smoothie. It turned out really weird and I made lots of it, for some reason. Now I feel obligated to drink it. Or eat it. It’s pretty thick.


tomshideaway said...

good luck in your new place...will Pooch get any of that smoothie???

Big Brother said...

Hey choochoo I'd come over to go help you move, but I think it's a little far from my place. Mind you I've always wanted to visit Hellhole.

ticknart said...

Does this mean no more stories about the insane people on your bus?

Jazz said...

Does a bigger Hellhole = still more insane people on Christmas light decorated tractors?

mist1 said...

Smoothies are always better with liquor. In fact, throw out the smoothie and drink the liquor.

choochoo said...

Tom - Nah, she's not too big on berries.

Big brother - it's a great place for tourism. Really it is. Honest.

Ticknart and Jazz - I don't think there's any danger of me running out of crazies to observe and make fun of.

Mist1 - I'll have to remember that:D

`NEFTY said...

That's good! Hope all goes well there:]

furiousBall said...

I'd say douse your entire apartment with the smoothie to rid it of any evil smoothie fearing spirits, but I'm not sure any really exist. Either way, better safe than sorry. but then again, how evil could a spirit be if it's afraid of smoothies? seriously

Jocelyn said...

Lost knicknacks sound like a blessing. I'm pretty sure you don't need a porcelain shepherdess in your new place.

Congrats on the move up!

Evil Spock said...

I horde my smoothie when I make too much.

Hageltoast said...

Awesome, good luck with the move sweetp!!!

choochoo said...

Nefty - I hope so too.

Furiousball - I just need to develop one that won't clash with my furniture.

Jocelyn - I've managed to avoid the porcelain sheperdess so far. Phew.

Evil Spock - I don't have it in me to horde things. I like eating.

Toasty - thankyouverymuch:)