Thursday, February 08, 2007

Philosophical thoughts and bunny slippers

Today is about as exciting as watching my half-dead rubbertree plant try to decide on whether it should attempt another growth spurt or just wither away once and for all. I know, because that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

Personally I gave up on a final growth spurt eons ago. I’ll just have to live with having hit my peak at 5’2. This, of course, is no problem if you’re living in, say, China, but here in good, old Scandinavia it basically means that I frequently visit the salon to get my roots dyed, since people spend a lot of time looking down on the top of my head.

The practical thing about this situation, is that very few seem to pay much attention to my footwear. I could probably get away with wearing fussy bunny slippers. The kind with really long ears. I once had a pair or doggie slippers that my mum got me for Christmas. They were oh so comfy, plus that they made excellent playmates for the pooch when I wasn’t using them. The three of them could sit and talk for hours on end. They were very close.

At some point of the morning I started to contemplate such fascinating philosophical questions like whether or not life can suck and blow at the same time. If so, wouldn’t that be confusing for the person inhabiting that life? What would you wear for a situation like that, anyway?

Maybe bunny slippers.


BBC said...

Interesting blog.

Hey, the wind does not blow, the earth sucks. He, he, he.

I wear what I damn well feel like, sandals a lot though. And I often look like a bum.

Die? Ah, just a body dies, the soul is omnipresent. And when you are born again they just teach you a lot of stupid stuff all over again.

Yup, Americans are strange, but then, isn't everyone?

Have a nice day. :-)

Hageltoast said...

sweety, bunny slippers are the way forward!!!! I threaten my two with a future as slippers all the time.

Jazz said...

I love the "life in Hellhole" posts. They make my life seem ever so much more exciting.

none said...

I've never worn slippers. My grandfather's always grossed me out.

Maybe if he had worn bunnies I wouldn't be so scarred.

choochoo said...

bbc - I wonder what you wear when you're a soul...

Toasty - I'm sure they're terrified of you. Cause you're scary. Not:P

Jazz - I live to help others, you know

Hammer - bunny slippers really aren't intimidating, are they? lol

ticknart said...

When the world sucks and blows at the same time, it's called a tornado, unless you're on the ocean where it's a hurricane or typhoon.

And now you know.

mist1 said...

I always pay attention to footwear, are you kidding me?

Nicki said...

I never thought about the whole having to dye the hair thing was yet another advantage to being tall.

Just tell me you're not one of those midgets who take the tall men. I hate short women who date tall men and take away from my dating pool.

choochoo said...

Ticknart - you are truly wise

Mist1 - would I be kidding you? Well... Yeah, I probably would.

Freak magnet - YES, I AM:P :P :P

Evil Spock said...

Hrmm, you have a manic style of writing; Evil Spock likes that!

Evil Spock will be visiting more often. Off to read the archives . . .

Oh, what do you wear when life sucks and blows (Simpsons reference?) Howzabout dress formals? Might as well look your best!

choochoo said...

Evil spock - I always looked my best in my purple pyjamas. Have fun in the archives.

Jocelyn said...

You need to start walking on your hands. Then you could use the money saved on dyeing your roots to buy really cool shoes.

choochoo said...

You're a genious. That's the most brilliant idea I've ever heard:D

Steven said...

Life can indeed suck and blow all at once.

So can a really, really talented lady of the night. ;)


Cochise said...

Hi, Choo!

That's the way life is, in its ups and downs like a roller coaster ride.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.
You've got an excellent blog, too. Congratulations!

Greetings from Portugal!

choochoo said...

steve - lol

cochise - thank you:)

tomshideaway said...

Personally, I like "Bunny Slippers" as long as they aren't mad out of real Bunnies!!

choochoo said...

I'd imagine that they'd get all bony and weird on the inside. Then they're not cute anymore.