Friday, May 24, 2013

Brain spinning like a top

I have been dizzy for days and I have no idea why. Dumping a load of clean laundry in the bedroom and coming back downstairs, proved a bigger challenge than I had anticipated. First, I came careening out of the bedroom door, nearly managing to plug myself into the fuse box on the wall. I apparently don't do corners well today. Then, when I was coming down the stairs, my top half suddenly started to tip forwards and my feet had to go double-time to catch up with the rest of me.

I'm a bit like a drunk person, except I didn't get to party. It's horribly unfair. 

Friday, May 03, 2013

I go tycoon! Or something...

A couple of weeks ago, I registered my own business. The other day, I got my approval letter from the Powers That Be. Now I suddenly have an obsession with going to stores and looking at office supplies that I don't really need. 

I just know that this enterprise will be a huge triumph, because I already have the two things that all offices need to succeed. First, there's my lucky stormtrooper. 

His name is Dwayne and you might feel sorry for him, seeing how he is strapped by the neck to the speaker like that, but it's for his own good. He keeps trying to throw himself into Pooch's water bowl. Actually, he does look a bit depressed... Even a depressed stormtrooper can bring you luck, though. 

The second thing, is my tardis mug. I mean, what isn't awesome about a Tardis mug? And it's almost as big as my head. I can fit enough whatever in there to last me through the entire day and have me running to the loo the whole evening. 

You just wait and see; this is going to be huge! 

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