Monday, February 19, 2007

Goddess with lovely temple dog needs religion

…with its own temple somewhere warm and sunny. Preferably with a great view overlooking the ocean.
Must be monotheistic. None of that sharing-the-glory-with-some-hairy-greek-in-a-bathtowel-sort-of-thing.

Gloomy looking robes with large hoods, mysterious chanting and large, booming bells are encouraged.

Colourful, bed sheet-like outfits, singing accompanied by silly bouncing and the ringing of cutesy bells will be punished by immediate beheading.

Some missionary activity expected.

Good possibilities for crusading involved.


Jazz said...

That bad, eh?

mist1 said...

I don't mind a little missionary work, but sometimes I like a new position.

Too_Lively said...

Does this deity grant magic powers to devoted followers?

choochoo said...

Jazz - a goil's gotta have ambitions, ya know

Mist1 - you can play with my munks, if you like.

Lively - but of course.

Mr. Fabulous said...

God DAMN it Mist stole my comment.

This is an outrage!

Evil Spock said...

Men don't have to become eunuchs, do they? .

Steven said...

Crusading...ya...ya...I could get into some crusading. ;)


tomshideaway said...

There are 2 churches for sale around the corner from me !! It's funny cause today I was gonna take a picture of one and make up a snappy got there first..

Queenie said...

And what does the doggy like?

I like your halo. I have noticed it the last few times I was a tick's site.
It's a real cool halo.


Quick said...

...thanks for checking out my blog-just stopping by to show some love; congrats on your Blog of the Day Win!

Cochise said...

Has anyone used the word "eunuchs"? If so, I hope the expression "missionary activity" doesn't have a sexual connotation.
Well, I got it all wrong, didn't I? I am definitely too dumb for this blog. You know, I'm an illiterate indian, so... be condescendent.


Rain said...

If you find what you are looking for let me know so I can join you.

I love your halo! =)

choochoo said...

Mr. Fabulous - I'll make the popcorn and you guys can fight it out

Evil Spock - Nah. Not unless they want to. I'm not unreasonable.

Steve - That's the spirit:)

Tom - Hmm. Interesting. How's the climate?

Queenie - It's all in the accessories, ya know;)

Quick - thanks:)

Cochise - I've pictured a sort of a system where everyone can do whatever they want, as long as they do what I say. It'll be fun.

Rain - I will. Bring your friends.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to adopt you for my Church of the Holy magna! You would join a house plant as a deity!

choochoo said...

Hmm. I dunno... I need more information on the houseplant