Friday, January 06, 2006

stop looking at me!

My dog is driving me insane. It’s in heat, and all it does all day long, is run around the house and whimper. I can take it hiking for hours, and it still acts like that as soon as we get back in. There’s no point getting angry with it either. You can’t reason with hormones. Luckily, it’ll pass soon, and she’ll be back to normal. I find some perverted comfort in knowing that my neighbour is probably suffering because of this as well. Their dog – a blonde fella named Ted - is probably getting on their nerves, also.

On top of everything, I got my period today. My stomach is cramping and the rest of me is retaining so much water, you’d think I was a friggin’ camel. Some times I think it would be nice if I could just do like my dog, and have my period twice a year for a couple of weeks each time. Then again, if I was going to actually go into heat every six months and completely lose my mind, the way the dog does, I’d be screwed. No pun intended.

And… my house is a mess, and mum is threatening to visit. So I have to do domestic crap… I’m just not good housewife-material. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pig, or anything. Just messy. And deadly allergic to dirty dishes. I keep hoping they’ll clean themselves someday, but that doesn’t look as if it’s gonna happen anytime soon. So now it looks as if I actually have to touch them. Yuck.


Jazz said...

Can't you just have the dog lick them clean? It would keep her busy for a while and your mom would be amazed at how clean you keep your kitchen.

choochoo said...

well... that would make them kinda slimy, actually...