Monday, November 10, 2008


For years I’ve had a strange and abnormal addiction. I’ve trudged through snow, rain and hail in order to feed it. I’ve spent my hard-earned cash to make sure I had enough of it. When I chased my strawberry milk dragon, world war three couldn’t keep me away from the drug store.

But now I have a new addiction: bubble baths.

My new flat sports a shiny, white bathtub. I remember the very first time we met. It was a lovely Monday afternoon. The landlady was showing me the apartment, walking behind me and letting me open doors and snooping around, just like they do on those reality shows where they sell houses. Because it gives the impression that the apartment is bigger than it really is. Although it didn’t seem any smaller on the way out, when I walked last. But what do I know? I’m not a realtor. And they did say so on TV, so it must be true.

But I digress.

There I was, opening the bathroom door and there It was, sitting pretty in a corner, looking all white and shiny. It was love at first sight, it was.

Once I’d moved in, I promised myself two things.
1 – my tub would always, always, always be clean and shiny.
2 – I would muster up some self-restraint. After all, it takes a lot of electricity to heat up all that water, and electricity is ridiculously expensive around here and I am, after all, a poor, starving student.

I’ve been able to live up to nr 1 just fine. Mostly because the tub is more often filled with soapy water than not… Those little specs of dust flying around doesn’t have time to land there before they’re washed away. And when the tub is empty, I find myself looking at it, picturing it with water and bubbles and me, happily splashing around.

So my self restraint has gone out the window, the way that my self restraint usually does. Why would it be different this time? I might starve to death during the winter, but at least I’ll smell nice.


ticknart said...

How long before the two addictions mix? When will I get to read a story about the strawberry milk bubble bath?

Jocelyn said...

The answer to #2 is to bathe three times in the same water. Yea, that's the ticket. Fill it once, and have a hot bath. Don't empty the tub. Three hours later, have a tepid bath. Three hours after that, have a cold bath (bracing!)...all in the same water. That's just good economical sense, right?

Jazz said...

Well hell. As long as you smell nice...

tomshideaway said...

I like tubs too, just hard to find one for tall people !!

Tim Rice said...

Bubblebath baths! I loved them when I was a kid many long years ago. I bet they could still be fun should I find the time to do so. :)

Adele said...

On a miserable cold night like tonight, I like nothing better than a nice hot bath with great bubbles.

Anonymous said...

Bubble baths can be very soothing. I have occasionally relaxed in a tub filled to the brim with bubbles. to this day I still find it amusing to put on a bubble mustache.

Tim Rice said...

I remember when I liked to play with little yellow duckies like you pictured there. :)

choochoo said...

Ticknart - hmm. Iiiinteresting. Very, very interesting.

Jocelyn - but the bubbles never last that long, you know.

Jazz - oh I do. And I'm pink. Which is also nice.

Tom - just bathe one half at the time

Tim - they're better when you're all grown up. You don't have your mum hovering to make sure you don't accidentally drown yourself.

Hagel - very true. Or on a warm night. Or at daytime. Or if you can't sleep. Or... or... now I want another one.

marsha - I fill my bathtub to the rim with bubbles too. Unfortunately, my tub is slightly crooked. So it spills a bit...

Tim again - I never had duckied. I had a rhino and a doll and some sort of orange, round thing which smelled like strawberried and looked like the top of an old man's head.

tomshideaway said...

Choo Choo...I get cold that way!!!