Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I can't brain today, I have the dumb!

We all have our weaknesses, right? Superman got all distracted around kryptonite, Tony Stark got a wee bit diverted in the presence of booze and there are certain members of the church that seem to have a hard time focusing around altar boys. I get sidetracked by the world in general. It really doesn’t take much, especially when I’m supposed to be doing something grown up and responsible.

I know that I theoretically have the ability to concentrate. I never seem to lose track of my facebook applications; the potatoes growing on that little farm never spoils, that little restaurant is doing splendidly. The sims 3 can hold my attention for hours on end. I can sit through an episode of Judge Judy just fine. Actually, the latter is a strange sort of an exception. You see, I’ll plop down in front of the television and then suddenly it’s an hour later and I can’t really remember what the judge was going on about. Then again, I can’t really remember anything else that may or may not have happened around me either, so I’m assuming that I was very concentrated on the show and then became the victim of sudden amnesia, or something.

I was going to be all responsible and do some proof reading today, but I was completely unable to direct my attention onto that little Microsoft Word document. Things had to change. I immediately googled “how to concentrate”. Out of the 31 100 000 results, my favourite one was the one that stated that any mental achievement had to be preceded by total relaxation. You need to unwind before going into battle, it said.

So I decided to play the sims.

There is a certain chance that I need a new attack plan for my next battle.

pretty picture: The confused by Kylamay for deviantart.


Jazz said...

No shit Sherlock.

Maybe you should look at the other 30,999,999 results.

ticknart said...

At least you didn't end up falling asleep.

Jocelyn said...

I'm only sorry you're this far into your thesis, as I think you've gone down the wrong path, honey.

You were supposed to earn a graduate study in Pop Culture, so you could now be writing that thesis about Judge Judy.

choochoo said...

Jazz - now I have something to do the next time I'm supposed to be concentrating. Yay.

Ticknart - oh well, maybe next time.

Jocelyn - doh! NOW you tell me...

Joe Jubinville said...

I don’t know that I’d seek Jazz chick’s advice on this topic. She’s been known to fall off the porch backwards while sweeping it.

“I get sidetracked by the world in general.” I’ve had that condition from early adolescence. My ability to concentrate has been more or less theoretical ever since.

Here’s what usually helps my concentration:

A walk in the park, followed by:
a muffin
a nap
a cappuccino
a phone conversation
some cabernet (often with above)
a movie
a snack
a good night’s sleep
a shower

good to go!

(for a sentence or two, anyway)

Hi Jocelyn.

BTW, Microsoft really has to work on that bug in Word. It crashes my concentration at random and often.

Anonymous said...

Big Brother said...

The fine art of procrastination is what its called. Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow. I usually concentrate much better when I'm up against the wall, or maybe it's just the ton of coffee I've been drinking to keep awake.

lime said...

i'm all over the rationalization that great effort should be preceded (and followed) by great relaxation.

choochoo said...

Jeaux - I wish more ppl would get that. It's not -that- complicated.

Anonymous - Right. Well. Yeah. I'm just gonna...uhm...go over there now.

Big brother - what you don't do today, you don't have to do over again tomorrow. That's what I always say.

lime - exactemundo!