Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Post-Poop Euphoria


What exactly is the road to happiness? If you were to ask Pooch,she would tell you that it was all about doing a number two right on top of a large pile of snow.

There’s been an obscene amount of snow piling down over the past few weeks. We completely ran out of room for the stuff around Christmas time. Now it’s all about stacking it in our gardens to the best of our abilities and every garden in every neighbourhood features enormous towers of snow.

Pooch considers it the epitome of happiness to climb to the top of our tower and poop on it. The problem is, that I can’t really scale the thing myself to bag her creations. See, there’s a certain weight difference between myself and Pooch. Just a teeny tiny one. Big enough so that she can crawl around on the tower but I would most likely be swallowed like a BigMac in front of Kirstie Alley.

So there’s poop on top of snow on top of poop on top of snow. Like natures very own perverted sandwich. Won’t that be terrific when it melts? Oh, the fun we’ll have.

Also, once Pooch has…uhm…finished her little mountain expedition, she goes into what I like to call the Post-Poop Euphoria. What happens is that once she’s done her business, Pooch will experience a fit of joy that is impossible for the poor thing to contain. There’s a lot of bouncing and spinning and running at max speed involved. Ever seen a dog bounce and spin while running as fast as it can? You have? Ever seen one try to do it up a flight of stairs? It’s not pretty.

The other day I came home with a big bag of pork chops. Pooch saw them and got so excited she immediately had to go outside right there and then to poop herself. Then she was certifiably insane for about ten minutes.

Strange dog, that.

And for those of you who were wondering about the kindle last time, we did a post on e-readers over at unbound a little while ago. Here it is:

Aaand then I had an Ally McBeal moment and felt I needed a theme song for today (plus I was bored):


Jazz said...

Nature's perverted sandwich. I love it!

Beth said...

We call those delightful “Pooch” deposits poop-sicles.
And, yes, the downside to the arrival of spring is dealing with them!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

and I was almost worried when you didn't blog for so long there. Miss you when you're gone.

Kevin McKeever said...

I'm trying to teach our dog to write his name in the snow. Letterman -- here we come!

Big Brother said...

Ah the joy of the spring time aged poop scooping... better you than me. ;o)