Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miami minus the palm trees

We did and up going out of town, to luvely Blokhus. It's a bit like Miami without the palm trees. We'd ordered a transport cage for Pooch, but it didn't arrive in time. See, Pooch just loves cars. As soon as you open the car door, she'll hop right inside and sit there, trembling with excitement as she waits for the car to start moving. This will happen even if Pooch isn't your dog. You may never have met Pooch before in your life, but if you leave your car door open where she can get to it, you WILL find a wide-eyed dog happily shivering in your backseat. This is one of the reasons why I'm careful with where I let said Pooch off her leash. She usually listens to her mama, but why tempt fate? Especially with the way she sheds...

To keep her from bouncing around in the car in fits of unsurpassable joy, we have to use a leash on her. We also have a fancy doggy seatbelt harness thingy, but we can never find that when we need it. She still manages to get around a wee bit, though. We can't exactly tape her to the car seat.

Conversations from the car:

Mister: the way she's hanging off the back of my seat, is a bit like I used to climb all over the drivers seat when I was a kid.

Choochoo: so now you now how your mother felt.

Mister: except that I never slobbered all over my mother...

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Anonymous said...

How i love that last line.

Anonymous said...

We've never actually thought of securing Max. I suppose we should.

Big Brother said...

LOL I can just see you wiping the slobber off your neck or the Misters neck. One more reason why I don’t have pets. ;o)

choochoo said...

Jazz - he does have some good points.

Mrwriteon - I don't think it keeps them safe if something happens, but it does keep them somewhat still, at least.

Big Brother - There are some people who'll slobber on you too.