Wednesday, July 02, 2008

There are a lot of things in this world that I just don’t understand. Stuff that truly boggles the mind. For instance, what would possess Pamela Anderson to say she envied flat-chested girls because they looked so slim? Why would someone invent a motorized picnic table? But the greatest mystery of them all, is why so many people don’t have the sense to eat.

A girl I once worked with was a devoted follower of most insane diets. “Last night I forgot to eat, all together,” she told me once, while munching away at a lettuce leaf. “I just had a piece of toast for breakfast and a bowl of cereal before bed.”

But if your brain is so numb it actually forgets that you should eat, wouldn’t your stomach remind you? My stomach is so full of suggestions, reminders and demands, it is practically an entity upon itself. If it gets any more pushy, I will have to name it. I can’t even go to the frozen food section without it giving a lengthy speech about how any ice cream with the word “pie” or “cheese cake” in its name, has a natural place in our freezer.

Still, a great many people don’t seem to be on speaking terms with their middle bits. I’ve hardly ever been to a class, meeting or any gathering of people, where at least one persons stomach didn’t make noises that you’d normally only hear deep in the woods at night.

So why don’t intelligent (supposedly) adults just frikkin eat, already?

Can someone please tell me that?

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none said...

I forget to eat whan I'm super stressed or busy. I end up paying later.

Pan is full of malarky she was flat then she had the basketballs installed.

Jazz said...

Because they're stupid?

Food... I love food.

I knew the most bizarre woman in University. She ate but simply as fuel. X number of carbs, this many protein. That many the other thing. She was a fitness nut, and as far as she was concerned, food wasn't fun, it was all about fuel. I hope she grew out of it.

Adele said...

Mark is not interested in food, although his mood is heavily affected by it, but if I don't send him to work with a lunch packed, and the boys don't take him to the pub, he will forget about food and be moody all evening. I never forget to eat. I love food.

Nicki said...

I'm afflicted with that stress eating plague. I get all worked up over something, and then there's a pit in my stomach that feels like hunger, so I eat. And eat. And eat.

choochoo said...

Hammer - I eat even more when I'm stressed. Which is my excuse for being lazy.

Jazz - fuel-people are weird... Although I do kinda sorta feel that way about eating stuff when I've got tons of things to do. But having that mindset all the time, must be annoying as hell.

Toasty - see, he's very lucky to have you, then. He'd never survive out in nature on his own. You can tell him I told you so. I'm very wise.

Sunshine - I hear ya. Of course that pit kinda hangs around even when I'm not stressed. I just like to eat. If I wasn't an excercise freak, I'd be as round as a ball.

tomshideaway said...

You don't have to call me twice to sit down to dinner, go for an ice cream, I love food it's almost #1 beside...well it's #1 at the moment!!

tomshideaway said...

I FORGOT !! Have fun on your Vacation !!! or however you have decided to spell it!!