Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ghostly lumps and award-winning cuteness

sThis weekend I was scratching pooch and talking to her as if she was a big baby, the way we usually spend out weekends, when I suddenly noticed a sizeable lump above her ribs. “Oh my, we’d better call the vet,” I thought. And since I can recognise brilliant thinking when I hear it, I did.

The next day Pooch was standing on that glossy, black table in the vet’s examination room, being poked and prodded, but the lump was nowhere to be found. It was a ghost-lump. Seriously, the thing had vanished faster then Michael Jackson after the sex-scandal. It’s probably out shopping for a burka as we speak.


I also found an old newspaper clipping that my mum had been saving. It’s an interview of my favourite subject: me. Allow me to share with you my fifteen minutes of fame:

- you have to be careful so it doesn’t jump in your face, says a smiling Choochoo from Hellhole, Hickville. She’s four years old, and her and the stuffed gorilla, who’s name is “Nothing”, are the worlds best friends.
- But it isn’t dangerous, is it, Choochoo, this gorilla of yours?
- Oh yes, it’s very dangerous. It eats people. And it’s very old. Nine!
- Are there more gorillas in Hellhole?
- Yes, two.
- What about bears? Are there bears here?
- Yes, on TV. And there was one up on the roof.
- What was the bear doing up on the roof?
- It ate the chimney.
- That must have been a peculiar bear. You do other things during the day, then play with your gorilla, don’t you?
- I play with rocks.
- Do you build houses with them, perhaps?
- No, I kick them. There are lots of great rocks to kick around here. And the gorilla has to eat, you know. It likes rocks. Just like the bears. All gorillas and bears like rocks. Then they become strong and fly through the air.

That article was so damn cute, it won an award, it did. Yeah, I'm adorable.


Anonymous said...

I could've told you that! :P

Adele said...

LMAO!! that's uber cute.
Hope Pooch's lump stays gone.

Jazz said...

You were already a smartass at four??

ticknart said...

I bet the whole world was just getting the bear down, that's why he was up on the roof.

Big Brother said...

A gorilla as a best friend... you are almost as strange as my son who had a stuffed shark as a best friend. What ever happened to a teddy bear? ;o)
Hmmm maybe the lump is when Pooch ate the gorilla?

Anonymous said...

Maybe that was just a Rock Pooch ate?? Keep an eye on her and see if she starts flying (-;