Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

It's been a hectic few weeks. Loads of new, exciting developments. Blah-blah-blah. The biggest one is probably my decision to move in with Mr Choochoo.

In all fairness, he did ask me to. It's not as if I just announced one day that he was about to be the proud co-owner of a sheitload of lamps and throwpillows. Moving in with Mr Choochoo also means moving out of the country. To Denmark, to be spesific. I'm going to tell everyone that Pooch is a great Dane. And we'll eat pastries. Or I'll eat pastries and Pooch'll watch. Or...well, the way it usually goes is that Pooch stares me down until I throw food. I'm like a food dispencer operated by telekinesis. It's magical. If you're Pooch, at least.

This momentous occasion is taking place in the middle of August. The moving. Not the pastries and the staring. Although that too. I'm digressing.

Hey, you wanna know what else will happen in the middle of August should I not be able to find a job over there before I move? I become a bonafide housewife. At least for a while. Those of you who know me, and/or have been hanging around here for a while, will appreciate just how hysterically funny that really is.

I'll have to make pies.

We'll see.


Joe-joe said...

I'll come visit and stare you down for pastries right next to Pooch.

Beth said...

The move to Denmark sounds like a wonderful new adventure.
And there many different kinds of housewives – the “hysterically funny” type is one of the best ones to be! No pies necessary. ;)

Big Brother said...

Congratulations Choochoo, I’m sure you’ll make a fine housewife should you not find your life’s work. At least Pooch will be happy to have his food dispenser all the time. ;o)

Jocelyn said...

Holy crap, but you have some ginormous Life Junk going on--and all in a good way! What, what, what delish.

Yea, okay, so I chortled at the idea of you being a housewife. Is it wrong of me to feel a little sorry for the house?

So, er, why not a leeetle post about the Mr, please?

Jazz said...



Excuse my while I laugh hysterically. You'll redefine the genre...

Housewife. Bwah!

choochoo said...

Joe-joe: I might enjoy throwing food at your head. Nyahaha.

Beth: true, true

Big brother: she'll be overjoyed. She always takes it as a personal insult when I go to work.

Jocelyn: weeeeeell, mebbe ;)

Jazz: I'll be very special *snort*