Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Some days are cursed. Did you know that? They look like perfectly normal, everyday sort of days when you first get out of bed, but then it becomes obvious that the universe got bored sometime during the night and decided to put you on it's hit list.

The first thing I did this morning, was to open the fridge and knock over a sauce pitcher. Red wine sauce from yesterday's dinner everywhere. Even under the bloody refrigerator. The poor kitchen cloth was so gooey after that mess, I just tossed it in the sink, knowing that it would not be good for much until it had been thoroughly boiled.

Then off I went to the ladies room (although Mister keeps telling me that it's not just mine) because all that excitement will get to a girl, you know. While there, I somehow managed to knock most of my hair products off of their little shelf. They landed in the toilet bowl with a splash. Thank you for flying with Air Choochoo and all that shizzle.

"Alrighty then" I thought. "You need a big cup of coffee, is all," I said to myself. I should have known better, shouldn't I? Five minutes later, I was back in the kitchen with coffee all over my sweater. Without thinking, I grabbed the wash cloth out of the sink to wipe the worst of it off...


Now I'm sitting in the living room. The best thing might be to just go back to bed, hide under the duvet and wait for the storm to pass. But I'm scared to move.

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Anonymous said...

Shit sometimes happens to the extent it takes no prisoners. Today was your turn. I don't want tomorrow to be mine. I'm selfish that way.