Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh, the horror!

I might have mentioned it already, but I am a tiny little bit of a bookworm. I just finished reading ’77 shadow street’ where the whole story took place inside a luxury apartment building where unspeakable violence happened every 38 years.

And then I realized that my body is a bit like that.

I still have all my wisdom teeth. For some reason, I’m a proud of that. I mean 38% of humanity doesn’t develop wisdom teeth at all. And then there’s just a mess of people who do develop them, but have to have them removed. So getting to keep them all is a little bit like joining a nice(ish) club. A club where the members chew their food with heightened efficiency. It’s certainly harder than it is getting into the college I went to, I’ll tell you that.

¾ of said teeth are perfectly well behaved. The fourth one is the problem… The lower left tooth… Every three years or so, it tries moving. After a few days, it gives up and goes back to sleep, like a good little tooth, but it is pretty annoying while it’s going on.

The other day, Tooth decided to wiggle around in its seat for a bit. Every time it does that, I think that maybe it’s time to leave the ol’ club, but before I can get around to making an appointment with a dentist, the tooth goes back to sleep again. I guess there are bigger problems in the world, or something.

 I would also like to do something about my monthly gift subscription to bleeding uncontrollably. I suppose that won't happen either. 


Anonymous said...

Your monthly subscription to bleeding uncontrollably will eventually run out. And then your OTHER problems will begin.

choochoo said...

yeah... you don't really do pep-talks, do you? :D

secret agent woman said...

I have all the wisdom teeth I ever had. One never developed. But I'm weirdly proud of still having them, too.

As for the bleeding subscription, you could do what I did - develop cervical cancer and have your uterus removed. Presto - subscription canceled!