Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sidekick/mini-me wanted!

Must be hard working, experienced, responsible & reliable. In short; must be able to imitate an adult during working hours.

Please do not apply if you oversleep, have no alarm clock, have no car, have court often, have no baby sitter every day, have to give friends rides to work later than I expect you to start work, experience flat tires every week, have to hold on to your cell phone all day, or become an expert on your job without needing to learn or take advice after the first day. Must be able to talk and work at the same time. Must remember to come back to work after lunch. Should not expect to receive purple ribbons or gold stars for showing up on time.



Adele said...

I suspect all the good sidekicks are taken.

Secret Agent Woman said...

And would you lay out of work once your sidekick got up to speed?

Anonymous said...

I'll do it if you fly me out there. Though I would have no car. On the other hand, I'm very good at imitating an adult.

choochoo said...

I do have volunteer sidekicks, but they're all in terribly impractical locations, considering that their job mostly involves holding my stuff and bringing me things. Oh, and poking those that displease me with sharp sticks.