Monday, June 04, 2007

A lovely day for the wiggling of the toes

I’m starting to get that vacation-feeling deep inside my tummy, right underneath the ice cream, watermelons and fizzy drinks. In a couple of days it’ll probably have spread to my brain, from which it will have to be surgically removed once classes start up again, like some malignant tumour.

I’m going to grad school in the fall, you see. To Hellhole U, to be specific. The thing is that I didn’t really want to go there. I wanted to move back to the city, to where you can have food brought to you and where there is a big enough population to form a good-sized cult. But the universe had different ideas. It always does. First, I started thinking about all the stuff I’d have to haul halfway across the country, which put me off a little bit. This goes back to the lazy-thing I’ve mentioned earlier. I’m lazy. I’m also lethargic, sluggish and slothful, and I don’t like moving furniture over large distances.

Then I received my letter from Hellhole U, offering me a spot which I would have to accept by the 16th. Which is two whole days before the other schools I’ve applied to send out their letters. The thing is that I’m a sissy. The universe knows this, and tends to use it against me. The universe is very well aware that if I were to turn down Hellhole U, then not get accepted anywhere else, and have to postpone my masters for another year, I’d be forced to have a mental meltdown. I’ve seen meltdowns on movies and have always thought that they look like a lot of work. Which brings us back to me being lazy. I mentioned that, yes? So I’m going to Hellhole U.

But until then, I’m sitting outside in my garden chair with my laptop, wiggling my little toes in the air. I left the TV on inside and the sound is a bit annoying, but I’m too lazy to get off my ass to turn it off.

Some guy sounds waaay too happy as he says: “Before, we had to go to the doctor in order to remove my warts. Now we can do it at home with just one treatment.”



Jazz said...

Can't you accept Hellhole U and if you get accepted anywhere else, then you cancel? Is there a law against that in Norway?

Look at the bright side, if you say in Hellhole, it's just so much more fodder for your blog.

Hageltoast said...

Is that the advert with the kid who's mum freezes his warts off? Always makes me think of the warts some girl gave my brother and well *shudder*.
have a wonderful summer hol sweety!!!

tomshideaway said...

Even though you mention that you are lazy and slothful, I sill can't picture anything but you wiggling your little toes!! Oh by the way,I've tagged you so I hope you can participate as you have so much free time on your hands!!

furiousBall said...

You know you should be careful wigglin' those toes. the got yer nose bandit has moved on to other extremities now.

jillie said...

LOL....I've seen that commercial. They will sell just about anything on the idiot box.

Mental melt downs are NO fun....Enjoy your summer and make the most of it ;o)

(S)wine said...

mental meltdowns
are fun.

`NEFTY said...

Ahhh, stop being lazy=P

Evil Spock said...

Congrats on getting accepted to Grad School!

Perhaps some other university will give you an acceptance letter before the 16th.

Sornie said...

All that talk about college makes me think more now than ever that I should go back so I am not stuck in this current job forever. Don't let that opportunity slip away.

Rain said...

Hi ChooChoo!

Congratulations on Grad School!

{{happy dance}}

Yesterday I was wiggling my little toes in the sand and surf while watching men running up and down the beach. ;0)

The Ferryman said...

Do you need to be on vacation to eat watermelon?

Irene said...

You'll be in grad school soon?


Better enjoy your vacation while it lasts! ;p

Tisha! said...

I should do the same. Here I am sitting indoor all day while outside it is sunny and warm.

Outta here!
love ya

Jocelyn said...

If you are as lazy as you say, and if you ever get a wart, you will be very, very happy to have the option of one, at-home treatment. Imagine the energy it would take to get yourself to the doctor.

Enjoy the lovely summer. Rest your brain before grad school fries it.

Jay said...

The wart guy sounds lazy, I would have thought you were appreciated that.

choochoo said...

Jazz - I could, but I've already gotten my application for student loans approved, so I won't.

Toasty - that's the one. He'll forever be known as "wart boy".

Tom - yay, "free" post

Furiousball - considering how sedated I become when it's this hot, I'd be easy prey..

Jillie - I'm working on it:D

Lx - I think they're more fun in others.

'Nefty - NEVER!

Evil Spock - Thankyouverymuch. Of course they will. Who wouldn't want me in they're school Mehehe.

Sornie - I'm sure you can do it if you set your mind to it.

Rain - Oooooh;)

Mr. Fabulous - no, but it helps

Irene - I know.... *sigh*

Tisha! - that's the spirit. You go out and tan or something.

Jocelyn - you make an excellent point. Although I am mostly just happy not to get warts.

Jay - if he was truly lazy, he wouldn't be on tv. He's faking it, he is.