Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cheer up, cocoa!

Every year I have the same New Years resolution. It’s a fairly common one, as far as New Years resolutions go: to start a better, healthier lifestyle. This year was no different from any other year, resolution-wise. And it did start fairly well.

Then classes started up again. Yawning, I moseyed off early every single morning to class and I rambled home late every afternoon, head spinning with information and The Tiny Voice inside insisting that everything would go so much easier with just a tiiiiny sugarkick, but I mostly resisted the urge.

Today I was determined not to give in to my sugar craving demons, who were extra insistent. I’d stopped by the store on my way to Hellhole U to pick up a bag of fruit for my oh so healthy lunch. I was going past the cafeteria, when I heard a small voice calling me.

It was the cocoa-machine wondering if I didn’t want a nice cup of hot goodness this morning. It sounded kinda sad. Rejected, sort of. I hate making people – and cocoa-machines, apparently – sad, so I indulged it. Just to make sure it wouldn’t be upset anymore, I helped myself to a double.

But tomorrow is going to be different. It is. Isn’t it?


tomshideaway said...

Ahhh CHOO CHOO CHOcolate, studies are out...chocolate is good for you..I've heard that it keeps those voices inside your head a lot quieter. Of course it ay have been the voices inside my head that performed those "studies" but the voices certainly don't whine and complain as much..I'm still waiting to hear more about the health effects of pie...I bet pie is good for you too...the voices are leaning that way I know.

Big Brother said...

Ahhh blissful chocolate, nuff said! By the way what Tom says is true, studies have shown that dark chocolate is good for you, an excellent anti-oxydent.

Jazz said...

Nutritionists say you should follow the 80/20 rule. 80% good stuff 20% junk.

Myself, these days I've pretty much flipped the proportions.

Hageltoast said...

cocoa is good for you!!! It's a bean. ;)

choochoo said...

Tom - there are vorse things voices can tell you to do, after all.

Big brother - and it's relaxing and it smells nice and it says nice things to me.

Jazz - Only 20% well, screw them.

Toasty - and I thought I hated beans. I'm so happy:D

Jocelyn said...

Ah, with your deeply-compassionate nature, I fear you shall always oblige the cocoa machine. Screw the resolutions. Support the cocoa.

Nicki said...

You did the right thing. You can't cut everything 'good' out completely forever, you know. You need some sort of balance.

And TAG!!! You're it!!

Evil Spock said...

You helped the economy by purchasing that cocoa.

You're a patriot!

Big Brother said...

You've got an award. Couldn't make it with chocolate but still it's nice to have.

choochoo said...

Jocelyn - The cocoa is my friend. My pal. My amigo.

Freak magnet - tag? Oh my:D

Evil Spock - that's right. I should have the cocoa deducted from my taxes.

Big brother - why, thank you. I wanna thank the academy, and GOD, and... oh.... I promised myself I wouldn't cry... *sob*

Pandora Wilde said...

Dr. Pepper has a new flavor out--Chocolate Covered Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper. Makes me wish I could drink diet pop--I want to drop 16 more pounds by the first weekend in April so I'd love to try it.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I helped myself to a beautiful double chai tea latte today. You are not alone.