Friday, February 15, 2008

Let the Pooch soar!

I took Pooch with me to the woods the other day. Pooch likes the woods. It’s very high up on her lists of favourite things, along with tin foil, mice and the colour blue. At one point, she decided to climb onto a pile of wood and soar like an eagle down to the forest floor. As it turns out, Pooch is big on the falling, not so much on the soaring.

After her crash landing, which was promptly followed by the
running around like a maniac, I wasn’t very surprised to discover that she’d
managed to tear parts of a claw off. On our way home, she became increasingly
whiny, so I decided to distract her by slipping on the ice and smashing the back
of my head on the concrete. Then I stumbled around like a drunk. It worked like
a charm. Pooch forgot all about her toe. It was brilliant. Afterwards I felt
pretty damn dizzy, but true genius has always been described as rather dizzying,
so I suppose that was just to be expected.

In further news, my body and my head are having an ongoing debate about olives. The body tries to convince Bergerac (my mind) that olives are good, but Bergerac won’t hear of it. Since Bergerac is the one in charge of the mouth, Body needs to be sneaky in getting its point across. Body has the advantage of controlling the arms and hands, and those are always ready to stick olives into the mouth whenever Bergerac isn’t paying proper attention. Nothing has been settled yet, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Woman, you crack my shit UP!

Jazz said...

Tell Bergerac to stay vigilant. Olives are awful.

ticknart said...

How's the pooch's paw now?

none said...


I like olives in small doses usually with gin.

Jocelyn said...

I wonder if that whack on the head could help resolve the debate between your body and Bergerac.

tomshideaway said...

maybe if you slip those olives into an ice cold glass of vodka you could trick bergerac and get temporary relief for the head...Hope pooches paws ok!!

Hageltoast said...

Ouch and Bergerac is wrong about the olives, olives are yummy!

choochoo said...

Dory - somebody has to

Jazz - doing my bestest.

Ticknart - it's still attached, despite all her efforts to hurt herself.

Hammer - Sounds like a much better idea.

Jocelyn - I've already had a whack on the head, it did nothing for me.

Tom - Then again, I might just fall over again...

Toasty - they are...?