Sunday, September 07, 2008


My apartment consists of piles. It’s not that I’m fond of piles. They’re not a regular part of my décor. It’s also not due to me being messy or sloppy. Although I do confess that I’m a big supporter of the orderly chaos. It’s also not that I think “Hey, sugar. Want to come over to my place and check out my piles?” would be such a great pick-up line, should Prince Charming come along.

It’s because I’m moving.

In not too long – and certainly not a second too soon – I shall be free of the Upstairs People. No more noise, no more garbage everywhere and no more weird smells in the hallway. But as much as these things fill my heart with joy and make me want to giggle hysterically, I do hate the moving process.

Because it reduces my existence to a series of piles. Piles of cardboard boxes, piles of things that needs to be packed, piles of things that need to be thrown away, piles of things that I might want to throw away. Piles of things that I had no idea I owned.

And then it all accumulates in hours of heavy lifting.

Moving BITES. And blows and sucks.


none said...

I hope moving isn't too painful.

Good luck!

Adele said...

after this move i told mark we are never moving again, if we need more space we will drive next door off and knowck through. :)

Nicki said...

It feels like you just moved there. Just think about how happy you'll be in the new place.

Jazz said...

Ah, but now you'll be safe from the noise. And think of the piles you can throw out. The throw out pile, the maybe throw out pile and the I didn't even know I had that pile - cause if you don't know you have it you don't need it...

tomshideaway said...

Moving is horrible until it is finally over!!

Big Brother said...

If a box hasn't been opened since the last move, chuck it. Good luck with the move and I hope the neighbours will be better next time... Are you staying in Hellhole?

choochoo said...

Hammer - it kinda was, yeah.

Hagelrat - I hope I won't be moving much more after next time, either... I hope.

White bread - true:)

Jazz - what does needing something have to do with anything?

Tom - and then you're just bruised and sore.

Big brother - I was just contemplating how much of my stuff I can leave in the boxes until I move again. I don't feel like unpacking.