Monday, September 29, 2008

Life lessons vs. pizza

When I was a kid and I didn’t want to eat the crusts on my sandwiches, my mum would remind me that there were children starving in Africa. I thought that, in the event that I should put my bits of bread in an envelope and send them to Africa, they would be pretty inedible by the time they got there. Also, it seemed to me that the best way to help the starving, would be to not stuff yourself full of food when you were no longer hungry.

I guess what my mother was really trying to teach me, was to be grateful for the things that I had, and not how to solve world hunger.

Last night, I tried to keep that lesson in mind after I dropped my last slice of pizza on the floor. Pooch knows full well that if something edible lands on the ground, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s hers to pounce on. However, if this something edible falls directly on her head, the rules change.

At that moment in time, Pooch, at least, was very grateful for what she had…


Big Brother said...

Yep I kind of think that if pizza lands on your head it should be yours to scarf up... Pooch is obviously well trained.

Adele said...

ah the simplicity of animal life.

Tim Rice said...

Gratefulness is a great attribute to learn; but somehow many of us have keep learning it over and over again.

tomshideaway said...

I bet you are looking forward to that Pizza Poo !!

Nicki said...

In an effort to fatten up my old cat who's 'too' skinny, I started feeding her people food. Yeah. She pretty much sits on the foot of the recliner and stares at me while I eat and inches towards my plate or bowl when I'm not paying attention.

Jazz said...

So if I want pizza, all I have to do is sit on your floor and wait for it to fall on my head?

choochoo said...

Big brother - the question is: would you want to?

Hagelrat - I know. She eats, sleeps, scratches and skips. That's it.

Tim - it is, indeed

Tom - after the dead-frog-poo, I can handle anything.

Freak magnet - pooch doesn't inch, she just slobbers... I don't know if that's any better.

Jazz - exactly. Easy, huh?