Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hell, yeah!

Actually, I don't like wine. Trying to get me to drink wine, would probably just piss me off more. So yeah, you're all screwed.


Jazz said...

Run for cover!!!

ticknart said...

I disagree with "WOW! Look at you!" It is not the safest, it's not even safe. It's too vague. The woman will become suspicious that the man is say that she looks horrible and fat.

Safest would be more along the lines of, "You look amazing."

Of course if the woman believes there's a hint of sarcasm, then the man's dead no matter what he says in that instance.

In short, avoid all conversation about her appearance, if you can, but if she brings it up, you lose no matter what.

lime said...

well, you could substitute chocolate for wine. that would be my drug of choice.

thebigturnoff said...

Fortunately all the girls I know hide these things well...except mom... :S

choochoo said...

Jazz - Muahahaha.

Ticknart - you sure do know a lot about women :D

Lime - waaay ahead of you

Thebigturnoff - I have kept up my sanity-disguise this time as well. Yay.

ticknart said...

No, I know very little about women, in general.

What I do know is how to upset them.

choochoo said...

Ticknart - well, we all have to have our areas of expertice.