Thursday, October 01, 2009

The day digression got the better of me

As I have mentioned countless times, Pooch has a squeaky toy named Pigface and it is the love of her life. That and tinfoil. And me, of course, but Pooch’s feelings towards me go more towards total awe, really. “Oooh, you make food appear out of the kitchen wall! You are a GOD!”

In fact, Pooch’s number one purpose in life is to follow me around in the hope that I’ll make food appear out of something-or-other.

But I digress.

Unfortunately Pigface went into a box somewhere during the moving process and hasn’t been seen since. Fortunately this doesn’t seem to bring Pooch’s mood down as much as I had feared. She now loves Burger.

Actually, its called Urger. I discovered that if I asked her to fetch Burger, all I could get out was “B..” and she’d be off searching for her ball. Pooch is one of those gals who get by on her looks.


I have a confession to make.

I have completely forgotten where I was going with this post. Here, watch this (and notice how the singy dude keeps poking himself in the privates):


Jazz said...

I have seen that video before. I refuse to see it again, it's BEYOND creepy. *shudder*

choochoo said...

Oh you know you want to. Deep down in your subconscious.

Big Brother said...

Now that was weird... really. I wonder whjat they were on, it's a little bit like a kid's show on acid.

Jocelyn said...

You know how they say people and their pets resemble each other?

Just sayin'.

choochoo said...

Big brother - disturbing, I know. Even the picture of Pooch in all her glory can't rub that image out.

Jocelyn - sayin' what, exactly? Hmmm?

lime said...

thank you. i am sure i will be having nightmares all weekend. the expressions on the puppets is every bit as disturbing as the pointing thing.