Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Remember me? The owner of this here blog? Need a moment to dig around in your memory cells? Is there such a thing as memory cells? Maybe not unless you’re a computer… Need a moment to dig around in your computers memory cells?

So I have moved. It’s not the first time. But it is the first time that I got to hawl my crap across an ocean. I decided to do the whole moving-thing in stages, so not to totally traumatize poor Mr Chooch with my girlyness. Men can be fragile, you know.

Stage 1, Potted plants:

Nearly completed, actually. Cause us girls, we know that windows are supposed to be pretty. And not be used as storage units. It’s the same reason why we put on mascara. Slowly but surely, over the past few weeks, I have been sticking potted plants into the windows and onto any flat (or just flatish) surface, until the clutter simply had to move because there was no room for it anymore. Clever, eh? I have also been awarded the nickname ”plant-monster”. I may make myself a badge.

Stage 2, Picture-frenzy:

Why don’t men hang pictures on the walls? Of all my male friends who have never been hitched (or had an overly domineering mother), there’s only two who have pictures on the walls. And they’re all of cars… Nudie calendars don’t count. Mr Chooch owned paintings. They were lined up along the walls. Loads of wallspace left, though.

And that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’ve been slowed down by a bug. I am a sicky. My nose is all clogged up and my throat is trying to kill me off. Did you know that vomit can come out of your nose? I had no idea until just the other day. The things you learn… Overshare? Well, maybe.

Have another song:


Anonymous said...

I don't have plants - but then I don't wear much mascara either.

choochoo said...

but you have many other wonderful qualities

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Finally had a chance to click on the video! Love this.

Yeah, sucked me in.

Stop being so cute.

Ian Lidster said...

Uh -- yeah, I did know about the vomit thing, but won't elaborate how. And good luck with your moving. I utterly detest moving, but as a red-blooded and immensely virile male, I do hang pictures on the wall. Mind you, they're usually ones I've painted. That ego thing.

choochoo said...

Mad - I use my cute as the perfect disguise, I do. That way ppl'll never know what hit'em when I become an evil dictator.

Ian - Hehe. Oh right, I momentarily forgot about the ego thing. My bad.

secret agent woman said...

That's funny - I was just asking a man yesterday why it was that en don't hang things on their walls. Men tend to be a lot more utilitarian about their living spaces.

choochoo said...

it's a mystery, it is

lime said...

ya know,ya make a good point about sickness and grief. cracks me up. feel better soon.