Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Obsession: then & now

When I was a kid, I would develop huge crushes on cartoon characters or a character in a book. I remember many sleepless nights in my room, pecking the pillow and pretending it was Spiderman. I don't even want to tell you about that time I read 'Gone with the wind.' I was Scarlett for six solid months. My big stuffed octopus was Rhett Butler. Spiderman Pillow watched sourly from a corner.

Then I outgrew cartoons and moved on to actors and pop-stars. At one point, I had a crush on every single member of new kids on the block. That was tricky, because I only had the one pillow and I was far too cool for stuffed animals. At the same time. I would dream up the most dramatic, exuberant scenarios about how I'd bump into them on the street, they would become completely obsessed with my ca 10-11 year old self and from that moment on, my life would be a whirlwind of happiness, bling & me being worshipped like a goddess. At no point during my fantasies did the hero go to prison for statutory rape, or anything like that.

These days, I no longer obsess over fictional characters or A-listers, but I do have that kind of a relationship with food. Like sushi, for instance. Long before I met any sushi, I knew it would be true love. And as soon as that first maki roll made it's way down my gullet, my suspicions all came true.

If I was told that I would be able to eat nothing but sushi every day, for the rest of my life, I would kiss that person right on their nosey-wosey.

But until that day comes, I have roped Mr Choochoo into taking me to a sushi restaurant this Saturday. Happy, happy, joy, joy.


Anonymous said...

Thank god I was too old for New Kids on the Block. I take it that's them in the picure.

The one in the front right looks like a girl, the one in the red jacket looks like a wannabe psycho, the headband guy looks like a total loser wannabe bad boy and the other two... oh hell, I don't even want to go there.

Sushi on the other hand, works for me.

secret agent woman said...

The idea of the Spiderman pillow watching made me laugh out loud.

Sushi. I love me some sushi. Had it last night, in fact.

cbeck said...

I hope the sushi was everything you'd dreamed! There's nothing better than a few good rolls... except maybe straight up sashimi!