Saturday, January 12, 2013

New baby!

I've been wanting a coffee pod machine for ages. The mister has been dead set against them for even longer. He's a total coffee gourmet. When he makes a cup of coffee, it's a scientific process, and there's a whole lot of research involved. When I make a cup of coffee, I throw in sweeteners and cream until I am left with a vaguely coffee flavoured liquid. I've been doing that pretty much every day for nearly three years and it still manages to horrify him.

But because he's a sweetiepie, he has (reluctantly) learned my way of making coffee for those days when I'm just to lazy to fix one myself. We've developed a routine. He'll make me a proper cup of coffee, then he'll say "do you want crap in it?" I will say yes, thank you. Then he sighs very deeply. I'll take a dainty little sip and go "mmmm!" He will then make a little comment about my inability to recognise good coffee if it jumped up and bit my ass off. pods are ridiculously expensive. Therefore, I decided that I would drink one - two at the very most - cups pr. day. It's not really going according to plan.

I'm not good with that whole self restraint thing...

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Anonymous said...

It's all about instant gratification with you isn't it? ;-)