Saturday, July 27, 2013


That can be a word, right? Sure it can!

We went to Skagen on Monday and got home late last night. Skagen is a funny sort of a coastal town. For one thing, almost all the houses are yellow. I don't know what it was that made almost everyone paint everything that colour, but it's apparently referred to as "the yellow fever." It was nice and sunny. I wore a dress and was girly (autocorrect wanted to make that Gorky. What the hell?) the whole time. We stuffed ourselves with ice cream and pies and such. I have yet to see if my pants still fit... I might just save that for tomorrow. 

BBQ glory. Whoever decided to make sausages full of cheese, needs to be awarded a something-or-other.
Lovely fish restaurant on the harbour. Bonus: I feel very mature every time I eat at a fish restaurant. 
Le Harbour. I would love to have a boat. I just don't want to pay for one or take care of one. The mums have one. It's a moving target for seagulls. I figure that I have enough poop-maintenance from Pooch. 
See? Yellow. And white details. Pretty.  That place has awesome coffee, by the way. 


Anonymous said...

Mmm sausage with cheese. Love it.

Secret Agent Woman said...

You feel mature at fish restaurants?? Why? Since seafood is the only sort of animal flesh I eat, pretty much every restaurant I go to serves fish.

choochoo said...

Because when I was a kid, my mum made me eat fish and I thought it was a yucky grown-up thing.