Saturday, August 03, 2013

July Whatnots

I've already posted some of these. That's probably cheating. I was just really good at going places without a camera this month.


Lil said...

Love that first pic. And pooch. And that blue/grey dresser behind her in one pic. Great dresser.

Lil said...

Oh, and that ice cream? The packaging is a total rip off of Ben & Jerry's. And. Is that your finger there in the boats pic? A yes, thanks, my margarita is delicious.

choochoo said...

It was a bald head going by. It was very shiny. I was going to edit it out, but then I forgot. Oh, well. Bygones XD

And yeah, the ice cream is a rip-off but it's a tasty rip-off for half the money.