Saturday, August 03, 2013

There goes my life

When it comes to such things as birthday- and Christmas presents, I have the self-control of a small, retarded monkey. This is why the mister always hides my presents from me. So I was quite surprised when my birthday presents arrived the other day, and he just put them on a cupboard right next to my computer, where I was working at the time.

"Aren't you worried that I'll run amok and eat through the wrapping?" I said. 
"Well, I'm not stopping you," he said. 

Then he got in the shower, leaving me to sit and stare at the presents until my neck hurt and my eyeballs nearly fell out of my head, wishing that my present from last year had also contained x-ray vision. I didn't go grabbing on them, though. Well, I might have poked them a little. However, I did not try to make any peep-holes, which I think shows that I have really grown as a person, or something. 

My self restraint lasted until just before lunch. The presents kept whispering at me, you see, and I couldn't really get anything constructive done while listening to that racket. Now I have myself a shiny, new 3DS. That kinda whispers at me, too. And the mister is happy because he gets his 3DS back. 

Pretty, whispering presents... 

And then I spent the whole rest of the day trying to work and play animal crossing at the same time. 


Lil said...

Excuse me.... What's a 3DS

choochoo said...

It's a handheld thingy to play games on.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Good thing Lil asked first. (shuffles off muttering about kids these days...)

choochoo said...

toys are wasted on children, really. Much better that I have some of them.