Monday, October 08, 2007


Today I am completely exhausted, and I'm not quite sure why. I could probably figure it out if I gave it some thought, but I'm too damn tired. Still, I did read something in the news the other day that I thought I might share with you all, knowing that you enjoy twisted things almost as much as I do.

There is a man in Sweden who has eaten parts of his ass on tv.

That's right. I did not make this up. Just to make sure that you're all paying attention, I'll repeat it.

There is a man in Sweden who has eaten parts of his ass on tv.

Another man cut of two small slices, which the swede ate and concluded that they tasted exactly like sellery. Later a spokesperson for a religious community went out into the media and said that he finds the whole stunt tasteless and that he sincerely hopes that it won't become a trend among the young.

Imagine that... Just when the cops were getting good at stopping underaged drinking.


tomshideaway said...

Well that's a little extreme!

Big Brother said...

"finds the whole stunt tasteless" I like the pun, especially since the other guy is eating his ass.

Anonymous said...


Tai said...

Is there a lack of food in Sweden?

"Someone send that man some Oreos!!!"

Well, I guess if it's your own body that you want to eat, go ahead!

Sornie said...

I don't really think that this has any possibility of becoming a teen trend. Imagine what a pain in the ass eating your ass would be.

Jocelyn said...

At least it didn't taste like chicken.

`NEFTY said...

WHAT THE......
Now, I wouldn't be suprised if people tryed this =l
I am more suprised that he didn't taste anything... like doodoo =l

Evil Spock said...

That. Is. Disgusting.

Reminds me of a Stephen King short story where the main character eats parts of his body to stay alive.

Nicki said...

I'm loving all the puns and punchlines going along with this.

Unknown said...

There was a teacher (!) dude in Germany, who paid a cannibal to cut off his dick and tried to eat it with him. (The deal included that the cannibal killed him later, AND ate the rest of him). They`re currently deliberating, if: a) willingly letting yourself to be killed (aka assisted suicide) is againts the law - and it most likely is; b) eating someone who is willing to be eaten may not be a crime after all. Go figure.

choochoo said...

Tom - ya think? lol

Big brother - I wonder if he meant it that way. Hmm.

Dory - hehe

tai - I guess he got sick of meatballs.

Sornie - Hehe. True.

Jocelyn - I think that's just your arms.

Nefty - maybe sellery tastes like doodoo. I don't know anyone who's actually compared the two.

Evil spock - so. true.

Freak magnet - I know:D

Tinkala - Yeah, I heard about that. *shudder*