Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Laboratories and a guinea pig named Crust

Oh, how the days are snailing themselves along. This is the last week of classes before Christmas. That means that if you don’t count exams and papers that need writing and all that crap, the x-mas holidays have almost begun. My only problem at the moment, is that some evil troll has apparently come up from below and magiced every hour to be twice as long as it’s supposed to. That’s just not right. I should be the only evil troll in this storybook, dammit.

At the moment we’re doing our very last intensive lab course in microbiology. They let us mess around with DNA. I have come to the conclusion that I’ve really got the makings of a mad/evil scientist, seeing how I would luuuuve to muck around with my own DNA. That’s the first sign: willingness to be your own guinea pig.

I used to have a guinea pig when I was a kid. I named it Skorpa, which is Hellholish for Crust. Crust was…well…psychotic, to be completely hones. She had her own outdoor area, from which she would try to launch attacks on the neighbour’s cat. It’s a good thing Crusty spent most of her time behind bars.

Memory lane is an interesting place. Jupp-jupp.


Jazz said...

I'm betting living with you make Skorpa psychotic you evil troll.

Tai said...

I'm betting with Jazz! heh!

ticknart said...

I think Jazz and Tai are wrong. I think that Skorpa turned you into an evil troll, Chooch.

tomshideaway said...

evil, that's just live in reverse...I just can't picture you as an evil troll choo choo, now Pooch is another story.

Jocelyn said...

I'm not sure it's evil to want to mess with your own DNA. Don't you need to mess with others'?

You're more like a strangely-perverse scientist.

Big Brother said...

Well maybe Skorpa was a genetic experiment, a guinea pig-pitbull mix... bwhaaa. Just think of the surprised look on the cats face.

Unknown said...

Actually, I think it's the vermin genes in them. We had a hamster. Her name was Annie Penelope Spinach Snack (We also have cats). She was an absolutely horrid, evil little creature. I'm quite sure she was Satan's own spawn.
There's some genetic investigation for ya.

choochoo said...

Jazz - I'm a cluckering creek of tranquility. Or something.

Tai - again: cluckering crack of tranquility. No, wait... that came out wrong.

Ticknart - exactly. It was all her fault, it was.

Tom - now, pooch isn't exactly complicated anough to be evil.

Jocelyn - what happens is that you mess with your DNA and then you turn into something else. Doncha watch movies?

big brother - oh, I bet there's a big market for guineapig pitbulls. I'd be rich:D

Tom - when you name someone Spinach Snack, they're bound to feel as if they need to defend themselves.

Hageltoast said...

All hamsters are evil and crave human flesh. I have not had any evil pets, but the bunnies look as tho' they suspect me of having something terible planed for them.