Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I recently watched a documentary on plastic surgery among the hopeful wannabes in Los Angeles, because there’s nothing like the madness of others to make you feel good about your own life.

I doubt that I’m in any danger of ever feeling the urge to live in La-La Land, but I still had to do some philosophising on the issue, cause I’m… well… me. And I can never resist a little good old-fashioned philosophising. You know that by now if you’ve been paying attention.

LA is probably the worlds biggest chop shop. Only it’s got a twist. In stead of the cars going out with all new parts, their drivers do. A great, big masquerade where the masks don’t even come off at midnight. It’s got to be strange living in a city where you have no idea what anyone really looks like.

Just imagine: Miss Perfect Barbie meets Mr Buff Hunk. They fall in love, have their fairy-tale wedding. Nine months later, everyone’s shocked when Princess Plastic starts popping out babies who look like a cross between Bert and Ernie.

I doubt that I’m in any danger of feeling the urge to move to the city of angels, but if I did, I suspect I’d be to creeped out to ever date anyone ever again. My love life would be deader (if that's a word) than it ever was back in Little Hellhole. And I actually declared it dead and buried it there. Tombstone and all.


tomshideaway said...

I'm with you on La La Land, I've been there done that...Of course today here in New England I am purging charts for a , "Cosmetic Dermatologist" but he doesn't do plastic surgery, more like moles and rashes, acne and all sorts of other itchy problems!!

none said...

I feel sorry for ugly kids born into a society filled with shallow morons.

A recent study found that unattractive children are not cared for and kept watch on as much as attractive children.

Anonymous said...

I also have no desire to live in LA. But the whole plastic surgery thing is becoming appallingly popular all over. It's scary.

Jocelyn said...

The children of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are testament to your speculation about what the unaltered result of altered parents would look like. Give them time, though, and they'll be altered, too, at last looking like their Mama.

Jazz said...

Good thing you have no plans to live in Lalaland. They would never recover from you.

Adele said...

Did you ever see "Escape from LA"? it was no where near as good as escape from new york, but the image of plastic surgery in the prison city of LA is brilliant, i can't help thinking of it everytime plastic surgery come sup in conversation and if nothing else did that would put me off.

choochoo said...

Tom - sounds like fun. Uhm...

Hammer - I saw a movie the other day, where a woman felt she had to kill her ugly baby, just cause the daddy was a horned deamon. Go figure.

Citizen - drive-in cosmetic surgery. That'll be next.

Jocelyn - just wait, in a few more years, their parents'll have had so much work done to stay off the age, they'll look exactly like -eachother-

Jazz - True. I'm really hard to prepare for.

Toastyrat - yeah, I saw that once upon a time. Cool movie. But yeah, New York was waay better