Monday, July 30, 2012

I hate Mondays

I went down into the living room to watch some tv and goof around on the laptop, and suddenly there was this loud hissing noise. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, but it was really loud and intense.

Then I happened to look up... Our living room used to be a shop way back when, so there's some very funky wiring in there and there's a chunk of wires sticking a couple of inches out if a small hole in the ceiling. We've tried to move them before, but the idiot who put them there decided to pull them through these plastic tubes and fix the tubes in place somewhere inside the ceiling, so the bastards won't budge. It's like something out of an Asian horror movie. They're ancient, from back when they used cloth in wires (also pretty idiotic).

Would you just look at that? It's like our ceiling is giving birth to one of the Borg.

So I'm looking up and I realize that's where the hissing is coming from. And then there's also smoke and sparks \o/ To make it even more fun, we have no idea what those bloody wires are connected to so we have no idea whether or not we've managed to turn them off, and if we kill the fuses then the alarm will go into hysterics. Isn't life grand?

At least now there's an electrician on the way. We're very excited to see of he manages to fix it without removing arts of the ceiling...

I hate Mondays.


Ian Lidster said...

Don't electrocute yourself. I like you so wouldn't want to see that happen.

Anonymous said...

If you start to smell smoke, run like hell.

Jocelyn said...

...and now I'm worried, since you haven't posted for awhile here but have been on FB, that the hiss ate your blog.

choochoo said...

Ian - there's no need for me to electrocute myself when we can just pay someone to stick their fingers in the hell-nest on our behalf. Wow, that sounded kinda dirty...

Jazz - I do have fancy smancy new running shoes

Jocelyn - I just took a wee vacation. I figured the five people who read my blog would be okay :D