Saturday, July 28, 2012

two things!

First off we have documentation of my last girly moment.

It looked pretty for a while, then I went outside where it was hot and humid and the curls all ran away while I was in line at Baresso, waiting for my Gelatte. I didn't even notice at first, because I was standing next to a girl with the biggest plastic boobs I have ever seen in my entire life. I kept looking over at Mr Choochoo and his friend to see if they would notice, but no. 

Second, this is the strangest music video ever. Even if this might not be your kind of music, I'm sure you can still appreciate The Weird. Hell, if you can't appreciate The Weird, then what are you doing here, eh?


Anonymous said...

Curlers. Wow. I didn't even know those still existed. You look like a hausfrau from the 60s with those on.

Ian Lidster said...

The rollers are adorable.