Friday, May 25, 2007

Chasing that pink dragon

I had an appointment to go get my hair all pretty and shiny on Monday. It was about time, as tall people were now able to see my natural haircolor. Filled with joy and excitement, I skipped across the bridge and down the hill to where the salon is.

“Closed every Monday,” said the sign on the door.

Still, the hair dresser had clearly told me Monday on the 21st. I waited. And I waited, and waited and waited, but no one came. I even peeked through the windows, into the darkness beyond the L’OREAL posters, to see if maybe she was hiding under the desk.

It seemed clear that nobody would be making my hair all pretty and shiny, so I started to walk home. As I passed by the store, my stomach grumbled a bit, and I decided to go inside to buy a sandwich, or something. I spotted them quickly, stuffed full of chicken and lettuce and sitting on a shelf. And between them and me, behind the glass doors of the refrigerator, stood my old demon – strawberry milk.

Someone had come up with the clever idea, that you could fill plastic straws with strawberry milk powder which would then flavour the milk. I was just going to look at them, I thought, as I walked over. As I came closer, I could spot my own reflection in the glass. My hair looking distinctly un-pretty and un-shiny. Before I even knew what I was doing, I’d opened the door and placed a box of the straws in my little plastic basket.

“This is wrong,” I thought, but didn’t put them back.

So now I’m dealing with my strawberry milk addiction again. I know how it’s going to play out. The way it always does. I will gulp down the stuff until I can’t even look at anything pink without feeling violently sick. After I reach that point, it will continue for about a week. Then it’ll be over.

For now…

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Jazz said...


none said...

I made my own one time with fresh strawberries...that cured me of any future cravings :P

All Barbers and Hair salons are closed Sunday and Monday here as a matter of tradition.

Demon32 said...

ChooChoo sometimes I think you are a machine that has several errors. Other times I think you are a terminator. I am not sure, but I am starting to think you are both... which scares me. :D

furiousBall said...

I think as long as you haven't started snorting the strawberry milk powder you're ok. If you start cooking it up in a spoon though get thee to a nunery.

ticknart said...

I'm with Furiousball. What's wrong with a lot of strawberry milk every now and then?

choochoo said...

Jazz - :p

Hammer - The strange thing is that I don't really like real strawberries.

Demon23 - Of course I'm the terminator. Only without that ridiculous accent. Oh, and with girl-bits.

Furiousball - now there's an idea... The straws would be prefect for snorting.

Ticknart - nothing. 'Cept for the nausea.

`NEFTY said...

My hair's always pretty;]]]]

Big Brother said...

Srawberry milk...euhhhh, *shudder of revulsion*, chocolate Ok, but pink milk would make me think I'm drinking Pepto-Bismol. ;o) Hope you get over your addiction soon.

Big Brother said...

Here I found a gadget you might be able to use with your strawberry milk.

tomshideaway said...

Great, what good are you going be all strung on strawberries!! Powdered ones at that!!

Deepak Gopi said...

Strawberry milk yummy

Jocelyn said...

I am so out of it. We make strawberry milk all the time at our house, but I've never heard of these straw dealies. Wow.

Have you come up for un-strawberried air yet?

Hageltoast said...

I really thought i'd posted a comment. Oh well. Bizzare.

Nicki said...

I can only take Strawberry Milk in small doses, so I don't get sick of it. Ben & Jerry's ice cream, though, holy freaking huge as a house.

choochoo said...

Nefty - Mine's pretty, too, now. Yay:D

Big brother - Yes, that would be PERFECT!

Tom - I'm still much, much better than most ppl, of course:D

Deepak - Absolutely.

Jocelyn - Uhm... well... no... I just bought more the other day.

Toasty - Maybe it was your other personality? :P

Freak magnet - I get sick all the time. That doesn't stop me, though.