Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm a grown-up, I am!

I’m waiting impatiently to hear back from the universities where I’ve applied to my masters’ degree, including Hellhole U.

Year ago, long before I wanted to be a brilliant scientist, I had a dream of becoming a lawyer. This dream was formed inside my tiny head way back when I was only a little horror, based on one very simple thing: the hit television show known as “LA Law”. More specifically, the power suits and briefcases worn by the women in that show. I liked the hairdos, as well.

For year and years, the idea remained there, until the time came to start applying to colleges. That was the first time I ever really asked myself why I wanted to study law. After careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that power suits and briefcases (even really, really fancy ones) probably weren’t the right foundation for a career choice.

As a kid, I had all sorts of ideas in my head about what it was to be “grown up”. Once, for example, I found a 100kr bill (a fortune for a nine year old kid like me) abandoned at the side of the road, just outside my school. I decided to be mature, so I instantly picked it up and ran back to school, where I handed it in to the principal, in case it’s owner would come looking for it, all the while hoping that nobody would so that I might get it back. Now I’m a grown-up. It says so on my birth certificate. Sort of. If I found money on the street now, I’d pick it up, put it in my pocket and be on my merry way, because that is the grown-up thing to do.

Also, when I was little, I dreamt about the day that prince charming would come climbing in through my bedroom window at night and… well, I dunno… sing me a song, or something, I guess. I was a kid, after all.
The grown-up thing to do if someone comes crawling through your window in the dark, however, is to scream, hit them on the head with something hard and call the cops.

All in all, I’m glad I’m not a kid anymore.


Jazz said...

I'm sure the principal was thrilled to get a free 100kr bill. Did he at least thank you for the windfall? Nice to know you're no longer so naive.

Deepak Gopi said...

My only dream from my child hood is to become an actor. Still I am pursuing my dream.
Thank you for visiting my page

mist1 said...

I pity the prince that tries to climb in my window. I have an attack cat and a yard stick. I have a black belt in yard stick self defense.

furiousBall said...

My golden retriever will accost any would be window entering bandit with slobber and an insistency to be petted unforeseen by mankind. I like to annoy burglars out of my house, much more humane.

Spock said...

I still return money that I've found.

I'm such a schmuck.

none said...

If it's in a wallet I find the owner myself. If it's loose cash it's mine unless I can do a sherlock holmes on it.

Yeah prince charming usually uses the front door ;)

Big Brother said...

Better to be a brilliant scientist than a lawyer, after all you would have to have major surgery to get your conscience removed. ;o) As for growing up, well I'm sure that one day your prince charming will come through the front door, if he comes through a window, he is probably a wolf in thieves clothing and you can bash him with a frying pan. :oP

tomshideaway said...

Hey, that was my 100kr bill!!

(S)wine said...

there is no such thing
as a prince.
and certainly
not one adept
at climbing through windows
at night
or otherwise.

i miss being a kid,

Hageltoast said...

The prince charming bit made me lough so much i copied it to some freinds! I wonder how Prince Charming would fit his horse through the window (otherwise how will you know its him?)

Tim Rice said...

I love a mixture of being an adult and being a child. ;)

Tisha! said...

if he climbs into my window AND bed then we're talkin'!

choochoo said...

Jazz - well, since nobody clamied it, I got it back the following week with a speech on how honesty pays. Of course, now I know better

Deepak gopi - acting is a lot of fun. I suck at it, though:)

Mist1 - the pooch only attacks yard sticks...

Furiousball - pooch just stares at people.

Spock - next time you find some money, just remember that I'm the one who lost them!

Hammer - probably has the decency to ring the bell, as well

Big brother - maybe I should be a surgeon, in stead. I can set up a clinic to operate on lawyers.

Tom - too bad. I spent it all on candy and comics:P

lx - True. All the princes around here are thin, gangly things and they probably couldn't climb to save their lives.

Toasty - that horse would need gravity boots, or something.

Tim - true:)

Tisha! - talkin', eh? :P

Jay said...

I wish we could maintain some of that innocence a little longer. Maybe we were naive, but we thought a lot better of the world, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...


Jocelyn said...

All the maturity in the world doesn't make that wait to hear back from Master's programs any easier, though, eh?

I almost hope some idiot tries to climb through your window, so you can whale on him/her and distract yourself from the wait.

choochoo said...

Jay - Actually, I didn't. I was a pretty paranoid kid...


Jocelyn - and then he/she will try to escape and I'll chase them. That'll be fun.