Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rubbing my spring in your wintery face!


I took this picture out in the garden a couple of weeks ago. There are flowery things doing their flowery business all over the place, while trees are turning green and birds are chirping. I’m sure if I could work out what that thing is that makes those birdies want to get up at 5am and sing, I could stick it in a pill and own most of the money in the universe.

Spring arrived here for real around the end of last month. If I’d known that Denmark was a near-tropical country, I would have moved here ages ago.

This has opened my eyes to the fact that I may quite possibly be evil. When I speak to family and friends back in the ol’ country, and they talk about it being cold and snowy still, I just can’t help rubbing it in their faces. I’m sure they all hate me by now. If they don’t, then I’m sure they want to.


Jocelyn said...

See now, where I'm from--the land called Minnesota--you're never allowed to rub anything in anyone's face. Thus, an early spring would be couched in talk of "too much mud" and "the blinding sun."

secret agent woman said...

Not rubbing it in my face - see today's post!!

choochoo said...

Jocelyn - you're all so discrete and subtle. I'll remember that for next year.

Secret agent - I saw! It's mighty pretty! It's a good thing that spring is finally popping up in most places, or I would have probably landed myself on a few hitlists.

Celia said...

Oh please. You've known that you're evil for ages.

Anonymous said...

A) you were born evil

B) Shaddap.

- Jazz

choochoo said...

Celia - who, me?

Jazz - on one hand you know me really well. On the other hand you don't know me at all :P