Friday, May 20, 2011

I dream weird

Whenever I tell people about my dreams, they tend to look at me as if I've suddenly turned orange and sprouted tentacles. Apparently my dreams are weirder than other people's dreams. The one I had the other day, was a particularly strange one, even though it was very short.

In my dream, Mister Chooch and I were having dinner at some friends' house. I had a bracelet that was made of bacon. It wasn't real bacon, but it had both the look and smell going for it. Mister Chooch kept wanting to show it to our friends' daughter, because he thought she might like it. This was the most unrealistic part of the dream, by the way. This little 5 year old (?) is what you might refer to as a...uhm... well, I would hate to use the word "brat" about our friends' little angel. Let's just go with "screaming psycho hell-spawn." I doubt the mister would be eager to show the kid much of anything in real life.

But anyway, Mr Chooch wanted to show Hell-spawn my bacon bracelet. I was very worried that the greedy little snot was going to gobble it up, so I kept telling her that it wasn't real. Then she looked at me and said "that's not the important thing. What matters is whether I can sit in the back of the Cadillac and if people would call me Coltrain."

The next morning I told Mister all about my dream, and he did that eye-bulging-thing that he does when I surprise him by saying something so odd he couldn't have predicted it beforehand. I

Remember when I mentioned the itchy-worm crawling through my brain while I was sleeping? I think that might have been when it happened.


Jazz said...

Well, at least unlike me you're not dreaming you're wading through a waist high river of blood and chopping people to bits with a machete.

cbeck said...

I can never remember my dreams. I assume it is some sort of natural self-defense. As in they are so weird I would be traumatized beyond measure where I to recall them.

In related news, I learned this week that worms apparently taste like bacon. (I read it on the internet, so it must be true) Is this a coincidence?

choochoo said...

Jazz - that sounds... interesting. Although my snip-snip dream might not have been that far behind.

cbeck - they do? Huh... I'm having some very conflicting emotions right now.

secret agent woman said...

Typically, the more people pay attention to their dreams, the odder they become. Presumably to make them less decipherable so the sleeping mind can continue to process in peace, safely hidden in symbolism.