Monday, February 20, 2012

My list of two items

As I mentioned before, Mondays are my home-alone day. They tend to be pretty boring. This time I've decided to make a list of the positives. These are the two best ones:

1. Chips: in all shapes and varieties. The smell of chips makes the mister put on his pukey face, and although I've near-vomited on him a couple of times when I was sick, I would prefer to not be vomited on in return. So on Mondays I get to eat chips until the smell of them makes me want to puke, too.

2. Open doors: if the doors to the living room and the bathroom are both open, I can pee and watch telly at the same time!!! That totally needed more than one exclamation point.


Jazz said...

Ya, cuz really peeing and watching TV is the bomb? I worry about your sanity sometimes.

And why do you have two words in your word verification now - one of which is almost illegible.

Ian Lidster said...

First I agree with Jazz about the dorky new word verification thing. Pain in the arse.

Peeing and watching TV. I like it but I'd have to have the TV hanging over the back of the loo since I'd be facing forward being a guy and all.

Secret Agent Woman said...

You need to watch tv for the 30 seconds it takes you to go to the bathroom?

Okay seriously? My word verification is 1808-20, thernint

I think. It's hard to read the second word embedded in a shape.