Sunday, February 12, 2012

The unlearnable lesson

Mister Choochoo and I had a little chat and decided that our moods could be improved upon. The best solution? SUGAR!

There is one lesson that we keep learning and then forgetting over and over again, and that is that when two people share a shopping basket and they both wander around the grocery store, stuffing things into said basket without really registering what the other person is doing, they end up with a whoooole lot more junk than they had anticipated. Even Pooch got more snacks than she'll be able to eat in an evening (although she has that nifty tactics of puking when she's stuffed to make room for more)

In my (optimistic sugar-starved) brain, we will TOTALLY be able to eat all this stuff tonight. Run to your nearest bookie and place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

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Ian Lidster said...

No worries. YOu'll definitely eat it all. I have faith in you.

Jazz said...

Pfft, I know you can eat until you're sick... Course, hopefully you won't sink to Pooch's level.

Big Brother said...

Well Pooche’s method is perfectly valid since the Romans were doing it 2000 years ago at their banquets so I guess you could also try it. Make sure you have a bucket since getting to the washroom might be problematic.

choochoo said...

Ian - I did give it my very best.

Jazz - pooch has her very own level.

Big brother - then again, look what happened to the Romans..

Secret Agent Woman said...

Even for me that's a lot of sweets.