Friday, March 08, 2013

How to make your dog go from a solid to a liquid

This post will illustrate how to melt your dog, using simple massage techniques. Sorta.


Lil said...

Does it work on people?

Jocelyn said...

You need to go to Doggie Massage school.

'Cause you is gifted.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I sure know it works on me!

choochoo said...

Lil - well, apparently it works on SAW :D

Jocelyn - I think I've spent pleeeenty of time in school as it is, kinda ;)

Anon - oh yeah, lots and lots and lots of spam. Most of it never gets past the blogger spam filter.

Ian Lidster said...

I don't want to melt Max. I like him lumpy bones and all.

choochoo said...

Well, Pooch is an old lady and benefits from a little melting every once in a while