Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another day, another tag

But this one’s got an award in it, so it greases up my ego in a very pleasant way. I’ve always thought that a freshly greased ego is a very important thing to have. I will now name five blogs that I like, thereby greasing said blogger’s egos. My reason for naming every single one of them is that they make me laugh. Sometimes I laugh with them. Other times I laugh at them. But there’s no point in splitting hairs, is there? Of course not.

The rules of the meme are as follows:1. Post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.2. Link to original source blog (which would be The Thinking Blog, I guess) 3. If you don’t choose to do either then please display your thinking blogger logo as shown on this posting.

And these are the lucky people, in no particular order:

O mighty crisis

Useless writing

To do:1, get hobby 2. Floss

My brain hates me, but I hate it even more

Alchemy anyone?”


Jazz said...

Jocelyn Rules!!!

Just sayin'

none said...

Good choices!

Too_Lively said...

This is a great idea!

mist1 said...

Can I bring a date to the award ceremony? Can I bring two?

furiousBall said...

I read 2 of those regularly, which means I've got 3 new ones to check out, sweet.

jillie said...

Speaking of which...what has happened to Steve?

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a well oiled ChooChoo..Nice to see some writing gonna have to get off the Lazy Train...hey that would be a good Song!

choochoo said...

Jazz - True

Hammer - Thank you very much

Lively - yes, it is:)

Mist1 - Sure. Make sure you ask them if you can tag along first:P

Furiousball - Reading makes you smart. I saw that once on tv.

Jillie - Uhm... Maybe Tami killed him?

Tom - Send me tickets to your first concert!

Demon32 said...

I want to be a rockstar! but I am not composed of rocks or stars... so it might be hard.

ticknart said...

Thanks, Choochoo. It's nice to know that there are people laughing at me and that it's not just my paranoia.

Jocelyn said...

This cements it: next time you have a big, evil exam, I'm coming to take it for you.

Except, um, then you'd flunk it.

But you get the sentiment, right? (*thank you*)

Tisha! said...

Only familiar with Steven's messed up brain...great pick!

Anonymous said...

ChooChoo Ozzy does trhe Crazy Train and the ozz fest is doing free concerts, I'm sure H'll visit Hellhole!! And maybe Crazy Train would make for a more exciting Choo Choo
5 more days till National Missing Persons DAy!!

choochoo said...

Demon23 - Hey, if Barbie can be an astronaut, you can be a rockstar.

Ticknart - well, there is that, too:P

Jocelyn - I'm willing to risk it

Tisha - You've got work to do, then:)

Tom - Yay! We can snack on bats and pidgeons together