Thursday, March 08, 2007

Toots thinks about snow

As you may or may not have known, depending on whether or not you’re stalking me, I just had my second of three mid-terms the other day. My brain, which I have decided to name Bergerac, focused freakishly much during the whole thing and by the time I made it back to the station, where I wait for the bus to take me back to Hellhole, it had pretty much decided to take a well-deserved nap.

The ground below my feet was thick with snow and big, fat raindrops were bombarding it from above. I had my little, red umbrella in my handbag and decided that it made good sense to use it. On my way to the station, however, I noticed that I was the only one who had come to that decision. There wasn’t another umbrella in sight. People were wandering around in the pouring rain, looking like drowned rats, but pretending it wasn’t there. I have observed the same phenomena before, and have come to the conclusion that when there’s snow on the ground, people around here rarely use umbrellas, even if it’s really pouring down.

This, to me makes very little sense. I would think that the rain alone, not to mention the slushy cold soup that it reduces the snow to, would justify the use of some sort of body-covering condom-thing. Or at the very least, a little umbrella.

Eventually I got out of the rain and was sitting on a bench beneath the big, round station clock, where a lonely guy named Harold had written a message to ask if other lonely men would meet him in the bathroom on Thursday night.

That’s when Toots showed up. There are two little voices living inside my head. The first, which I simply call The Voice, is the one that pops up whenever and wherever to convince me to stay in bed when I should be going to class, buy chocolates when I’m shopping for cereal and that sort of thing. And then there’s Toots. Toots only turns up when Bergerac is napping thoroughly, otherwise it doesn’t get through the door.

I had just found out the hard way that there was a crack in the sole of my shoe. “Fungus likes to grow places that are dark, wet and body temperature,” said Toots, sounding pensive. Toots always sounds pensive, even though it clearly never is.

I looked up at the clock. The bus wouldn’t be there for another hour. I shook Bergerac a little, to try to wake it up. That didn’t work. So for the next 60 minutes, I got to listen to Toots babbling on and on about all of the things that are of interest to it.

I think that Toots might be one of the things that I dislike the most about having exams…
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Jazz said...

People around here never use umbrellas if it's raining in winter either. I, to my now total shame, am one of them.

Toots sounds a lot like one of my colleagues.

furiousBall said...

I'm actually stalking Bergerac...well at least I am now, because that's a great name for a brain or a brian

jillie said...

That little kitty looks so miserable! Poor thing...I think it could have used an umbrella.

ticknart said...

People like Toots are the reason I started wearing headphones at bus stations. Sure, the people don't stop talking, but at least there's music.

choochoo said...

Jazz - I would love to send Toots to Canada.

Furiousball - It pretty much named itself, really

Jillie - A tiny little one taped to his back

choochoo said...

Ticknart - Toots has got a very interesting singing voice

Demon32 said...

I just talk to myself and or talk to some one else until they walk away... Dig the blog... choochoo, it is rather rock'in.

I too want to take over the world. I just keep putting it off, there is always tomorrow.

Feed toots some pills...

FreakyNick said...

You only have 2 voices in your head. In about 10 years you'll have 10 more.

It sucks when the argue with each other, keeps me up at night.

I like your cat picture.

Anonymous said...

I think Toots is probably just wants you to know it's OK to go buy some new shoes!!

Anonymous said...

You named your mind?!

Malnurtured Snay said...

Hmm. That was me.

choochoo said...

Demon23 - thank you. Come back anytime.

Nick - oh dear... lol

Tommytoots - it's always okay to buy new shoes.

Malnurtured snay - I've done much stranger things while bored. Actually, it pretty much named itself.