Thursday, March 01, 2007

Naked people and me taking over the universe

The other day there was a story in the news about how a butt nekked activist, one of those I’d-rather-be-naked-than-wear-fur-people, had jumped up on stage during a fashion show in protest. I wish there was a cause, or something, that I cared enough about to go stand naked next to a supermodel, but I’m pretty sure that would never, ever happen.

All in all, I’m fairly self-absorbed, really. Also, once I become mistress of both the known and unknown universe, everyone else will be forced to become me-absorbed, as well. I’ll be kinda like Captain Picard, only with hair and a title. Oh, that and a mean streak, of course.

I look forwards to having all the people I don’t like herded up and put in cages so that I can poke them with sharp sticks. Starting with the bastards who decided that I have to have my midterms tomorrow.


Rain said...

It took a lot of guts to stand naked next to a supermodel. Nope, I couldn't do it! However that will not stop me from enjoying my naked time and I am a firm believer that anytime is good naked time! ;0)

Jazz said...

I'll help you poke if I can dump a few people of my own into cages.

Hageltoast said...

hey, that's my plan for taking over the uni/multiverse!!!

ticknart said...

I can think of a good reason to stand naked next to a supermodel, but that's private time between me and her and a few of her friends.

Cain said...

Yes! You're so right!

I think the fashion show might have been the wrong time, though~~the models are undressed enough, as it is!. Who wants to see that! (umm..maybe, I'm wrong)

Cages & a good spanking~~that would be my "action" plan!!(LOL!)

~~leave those angels of the runway alone, Naked-man!!~~


jillie said...

I doubt I could ever do that either. Nope...I know I couldn't! They'd be who in the hell is that fat chick next the the anorexic?

none said...

Naked people are very vunerable.

Sounds like more of a prank ;)

Lynda said...

Funny stuff! Good content~

Frank Marcopolos said...

naked vulnerability is one of my fave kinds of vulnerabilities.

Steven said...

Captian Picard with hair and a tie?

There's a scary thought. ;)



See doing that interview with Joe was good for business.

I'll add you to my Far Away Folks File, you bare watching.

Clorado Bob

Jocelyn said...

I guess I just don't think Captain Picard, even a ChooChoo version of Picard, needs hair. That kind of bald is just sexy.

Tisha! said...

you wacky lady, gotta love you! how were the midterms?!

Evil Spock said...

Looks like my taking over the world and your taking over the world is on a collision course.

choochoo said...

Rain - Well... I can probably come up with some exeptions:P

Jazz - Sure. And we'll pick out some random ppl, as well. Just to spread fear.

Toasty - MINE!!! :P

Ticknart - And you'd be doing less protesting, I bet

Cain - Hmm. I think I'll stick with the sharp sticks. It seems more fun, in a way.

Jillie - lol:)

Hammer - That they are.

Lyn - Thank you:)

Brooklyn Frank - I think a lot of ppl feel that way. lol

Steve - I'd bet he'd be asked to host Wheel Of Fortune, or something

Colorado Bob - Stop by anytime

Jocelyn - It is. It really, really is. The voice works too.

Tisha - Well, I survived the first one. Two more to go... *sigh*

Evil Spock - True *evil stare*