Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The snow and I

Saturday was the first day of snow this year. I was standing in the kitchen early in the morning, when I glanced out of the window, and say huge, white snowflakes zigzagging down from the sky.

For a few seconds, I just stood there and stared at it, in disbelief. However late in the year the snow decides to turn up, I always react with amazement. And then the bubbles start. From the bottom of my tummy, at first, then they travel upwards, until they reach my brain where they promptly ring the snowbell. “Snow!” my brain shouts. “Snow, snow, snowsnowsnowsnowsnow!!!”

Once all that is done, I have to run out into the yard, so that I can catch flakes with my tongue. I even caught a few with my eyeballs, actually. Having a snowflake melt on your eyeball, is a very strange sensation, by the way. I also took the dog for a long walk. Before I went, I considered bringing an umbrella, but decided against it. You see, although the ultimate outcome of walking in the snow might be the same as walking in the rain (wet), the process is completely different. Therefore, I decided that I didn’t need the umbrella.

On the first snowday, I always get lots of stuff done. I don’t know why. I think time works differently when everything is covered with snow. And everything goes completely quiet. Snowquiet is like lots of quiets stacked on top of each other.

I wrote lots and spent the rest of the day in a comfy chair with my aforementioned strawberry milk and a book. Every now and then, I’d glance out the window, the bubbles would rise upwards again, ringing the snowbell, and my brain would go “snowsnowsnowsnowsnow!!!”

If it keeps on snowing, this state of mind usually last for about a week. After that first seven day period, it starts to look as if I might have to move the stuff around. I then stop referring to the snow as “the snow” and start referring to it as “the crap”. Also, the ultimate outcome of being out in the snow (wet) becomes much more important than the process.

My general feeling of grumpiness will continue to grow until it’s almost Christmas, at which point it will be replaced with more bubbles and an almost frightening enthusiasm for anything Christmasish. This also lasts for about a week. Afterwards, we’re back to general grumpiness until the snow (now referred to as “the crap”) starts to melt.

And there you have it – the next six months of my life, pretty much mapped out.

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Jazz said...

I do the snowsnowsnowsnow thing too - but not in delight. More like the end of the world is in sight.

Tim Rice said...

Snow delights me, too; I always get excited with a snow forecast. And I even get a thrill out of driving in it with all its attendant risks and thrills.

choochoo said...

well, the novelty value does wear out after a while. Still, it's nice to have winter every once in a while, as well.

ticknart said...

When I was younger, I lived in a place that got one or two good snows every winter, but two or three days later it was always gone. Now I live in a place where if it snows it means that something has hit the Earth and blocked the sun or the sun has decided that it's tired of warming the Earth and has left for other places.

I've never had snow long enough to have the magic of it ruined for me.

My favorite thing about snow is how quiet everything seems to be right after it falls, like the whole world is in awe of the little flakes of frozen water.

Irene said...

Ah! I have yet to experience snow. In my part of the world, our four seasons are hot and hotter and rainy and rainier! :p

choochoo said...

Ticknart - I love the quiet, too. It's so peaceful. Perfect after a long day.

Irene - where I used to live for a while, by the coast, was a bit like that. That is, it was either hot and rainy or just rainy.

Tim Rice said...

It is possible that you get more snow than we normally do. Some years we get a lot; but many years it is only a moderate or small amout. There was one year when it seemed like we got snow once a week for two or three months. Then the snow did get a bit old at times. But that kind of year has been a rarity for where I live.

It's also fun when one can affectionately tease someone about snow forecasts when one knows that person really rather have a winter without snow. But the person I'm thinking of I think he likes the attention I give him with those forecasts even though he doesn't like the snow.

choochoo said...

Once a week is nothing. Try almost every day for three or four months. lol

TCP said...

We have snow in Helsinki, too! Finally. Time to hibernate again!

~Peter said...

Lovely snowpost!

I sure miss snow by looking at your great photograph. In Denmark were still having gloomy grayness and rain, hopefully it won't take long before my head can go snowsnowsnow