Monday, October 02, 2006

Red and stinky vs. the movies

How come people who exercise in movies always look so damn perfect? Take running, for instance. People who run in a film never really sweat, except for a small patch on their chest. Their hair is always perfect, their faces never get shiny and they’re never so out of breath that they can’t carry a conversation.

I, on the other hand, go running and I come home more or less drenched, my hair is a complete mess and I’m so shiny you’d think I’d been recently polished. Not only that, I’m as bright red as a rose in bloom, although sadly lacking the rose-like smell.

Now, I realise that making a movie where the characters just huff and puff and look as if they’re about to die, might be a waste of time. And you do want to show off the fact that this person is physically healthy, seeing how we out here in the real world are more or less obsessed with physical health. An obsession that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the condition of our own bodies.

I would love to learn how to run like they do in the movies though. I would probably get a lot more exercise if I could do that.


Tim Rice said...

The movies are almost always so unreal.

choochoo said...

they sure are. But I guess if life was always like a movie, there would be no point in watching movies.