Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm bored. I'm very, very, terribly, horribly, excruciatingly bored. In fact, I’m so bored, that I feel as if my brain is imploding inside my skull. It’s the kind of boredom that I usually reserve for my late classes, but here it is. On my day off, damn it.
I thought I might entertain myself by looking out of the windows (it seems to work really well for the dog), but it’s so foggy out, you can’t see a thing.

Something scary happened this morning, though… I got up (and okay, since it was my day off, it wasn’t really quite morning anymore), only to discover that there was only one, single warm degree outside. And a Celsius degree, at that.


I actually went into the woodshed to find wood. Why? So that I could stack it in the fireplace. Why? So that I could set it on fire. Why? Because it was that cold. Of course, as soon as I got back inside and had made a nice pile out of it, the sun came up. I also discovered that there's a small hole in the door of the woodshed. Apparently the neighbours cats are convinced that it leads into some sort of kitty toilet. Or maybe they reached that decision by default, I dunno. The happy toilet-days of summer are over now, though.
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Jazz said...

Start the fire. Watch it burn. You might still be bored but at least it's pretty.

Jocelyn said...

Or build an official Neighbors' Cat Toilet in the woodshed, with a fluffy seat and a flusher that little paws don't slip off of. As my grandma used to say, "Nothing gets rid of boredom like building a Neighbors' Cat Toilet out in the woodshed."

choochoo said...

Jazz - I'm bored, I'm not a pyro:P

Jocelyn - Nah. The squirrels would get jealous, and they'd they want a toilet of their own, and it would have to be in the trees. It would be to much work.

Mike said...

It got maddeningly cold here over the last couple days too! But I'll take a Celsius degree over a Fahrenheit degree any day.

choochoo said...

It's autumn, I guess. I've decided to like autumn. At least as long as I can sit in front of the fireplace and watch it though the window. Not all that crazy about it when I have to walk the dog in the rain, though.