Thursday, October 19, 2006


Today I had an exam. Hooray. Not because I've had an exam, but because I'm done with the damn thing. Although I guess it was more of a midterm kinda thing. They’re going to use the curriculum from the midterm in the final exam, because, apparently, they don’t trust us to remember the stuff until then (I know I won’t), and feel the need to test us again. Of course, I’ll forget all of it once I’ve finished the final exam, anyway. This way, I’ll just have more stuff to forget. That’s my master plan.

As usual when I have an exam, I tried to go into exam hibernation the week before. That’s when I fill the fridge and cupboards, stick my nose in my books and don’t come out unless I absolutely have to. Reasons for leaving the house during my hibernation period are: Fire and… No, that’s pretty much it.

This time I was constantly interrupted, though, by everything from the dog to the Jehovah’s witnesses. I pretended not to be home, and they stuck flyers about false religions and the terrible things that’ll happen to them. Also, the dog couldn’t fathom why I’d rather sit there and stare at a pile of papers, when I could be doing something meaningful, such as, say, scratch her ass.

In the end, I gambled that they’d probably ask us about either Plato or Aristotle. If they didn’t, it would be the first time in that college’s history. And today I got to write a long paper on Plato’s ideal state. Hurray for that, as well.

I’m not actually sure wether it’s hurray or hooray, so I decided to use both. Clever, eh?


Jazz said...

See, told ya. You and Plato? Piece of cake.

Hooray, Hurray, Hurrah!

choochoo said...


Tim Rice said...

It does feel good to have an exam behind one's self. And if it was particularly hard, I think you ought to reward yourself with something special. For me, that might be going out for an ice cream cone or if I have more time going to one of my favorite hiking locations for some time in nature. But I won't venture to guess what that might be for you. :)

choochoo said...

I rewarded myself by watching something mindnumbing on tv. After having studied for an exam, I really need to have my mind numbed. And I took the dog out for a walk. It was raining, and she kept trying to hide under bushes and trees, so that she wouldn't get wet. Some husky:S

TCP said...

Congrats for finishing it!

choochoo said...

Thank you:D