Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chinese food, unconsciousness and a new discovery

There’s a Chinese restaurant in town where I like to eat. It got busted on health regulations a few years back, but then they changed owners and now you can eat there without having to worry about kidney failure.

Anyway, I was having lunch there with a friend on Monday. I’d been in classes all day, since early in the morning (the kind of early where there should be a law against getting out of bed, unless you have a cow to milk, or something), and I’d hardly had any sleep all night, so it was fair to say that I was barely conscious. After I decided on what to eat (which took forever, due to the previously mentioned lack of consciousness), the waiter asked what I wanted to drink.

“I’ll have… Uhm… Hmm,” I said. Usually I order Cola, but I had an idea in my head that I wanted to drink something else this time. However, there simply wasn’t enough juice in my brain (or whatever it is that brains run on) to both produce an alternative drink and transporting the name of it out from between my lips. Once again, I ended up with Cola. I’ll be original next time, when I have the energy for it.

Another thing I noticed, that I hadn’t really paid any attention to before, is the fact that the bathroom sink in that place is placed really, really low. I’m a tiny, little dwarf by Scandinavian standards, and I almost had to bend over double to wash my hands. Even a really small Chinese person would find it a bit disproportionate. But, as I said, I never noticed this before. And as I’ve been in there a few times, it is possible that I was hallucination due to exhaustion. I’ll have to check again next time.


Too_Lively said...

I didn't really know where you were from. I figured maybe Europe somewhere. My husband was reading your blog over my shoulder one day and asked if you were from where we live because we live in a small rural area that could be called "Hellhole, Hickville."

My family has Scandinavian roots, and we look like it. We are very tall, fair people. The women in my family, including me, are mostly 6" tall (I think that's like 1.828 meters or something).

choochoo said...

I'm 5,2. Everybody's taller than me. And I have dark hair. But at least my eyes are blue, so I get one out of three. Yay for me

Tim Rice said...

Yep, getting up early can be a real pain especially when one hasn't got much sleep. Even when I have had a decent amount of sleep, I tend not to be awake for the first half hour or so. I have been told already that I should see myself when I first get up. ;)

choochoo said...

The strange thing is, that whenever I get up, it always seems like it's to early. That might just be because I'm no good at sleeping, though.