Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The button and I

I have a thing about buttons. Whenever I see a button, I always wonder what'd happen if I were to push it. Even when the purpose of the button is completely obvious, such as a fire alarm, I still wonder.

My old apartment had a safety alarm on the wall. It came in the shape of a large, bright red button. My landlord told me that if I pushed it, there was no way it could be called of, and the police would come. Oh my GOD, I wanted to push that thing.

Back then, I lived in a city that is infamous for rain. It rains so much there, it's not even funny. They actually say that in 20 years time, people might not even be able to live there, because of the way the climate is changing. So I'd sit insite on my tiny couch in the tiny livingroom watching the tiny tv listening to the rain... With The Button on the wall, so very, very close. I never pushed it, but I looked at it a whole helluva lot.

It's the same thing with buttons in elevators. Not the floor buttons, but panic buttons and such. And the stop buttons on busses. Obviously, when you push that, the buss stops (duuh!). And it's not as if I never use them. I do everytime I want to get off the buss. It's just something about pushing them when you don't want to get off. And then sit there, with an evil smirk on your face, and pretend that it wasn't you. This can't be done in Hellhole, though, as I'm usually the only passenger.

At heart I'm just a destructive little gnome

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Hageltoast said...

excellent, I have these urges too. I also wonder, whenever i am somewhere high how it would feel to fall or jus contributes to my fear of heights. Never sit me next to the emergancy door of an airplane.

Jazz said...

Destructive little gnome pretty much covers it. :-p

choochoo said...

Toastie - I do that, too. And if I'm holding something when walking across a bridge, I always feel like throwing it over the railing. Lol.

Jazz - Aaaaw, I know you vove me

Jazz said...

It's all part of your charm dearest.

choochoo said...

But of course;)