Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my not so lucid dream

I read this article in Discovery, that it's possible to control your dreams while you're dreaming, and to remember the whole thing when you wake up.
Before falling asleep at night, you simply decide on what you would like to dream and repeat to yourself over and over "I want to have a lucid dream, I want to have a lufid dream" and so on, and so forth, until you fall asleep. You're also supposed so set your alarm to ring a couple of hours before you'd normally wake up, and then repeat the whole process once more. I figured I didn't need to set mine, since my head is so clogged up with germs, I keep waking up anyway.

I decided that I wanted to dream about magic. Basically that's me flying around in a wondrous world, zapping things with my finger, I guess.
So I held the image fast in my mind. Then I repeated the words until I fell asleep. And had a dream about being chased by a large, angry moose. At one point I was running around a pitiful looking tree, trying to keep it between me and the moose, while it tried to get at me. And this is where the lucid part comes in: I could consciously decide on wether or not I wanted to run to the right or to the left. YAY!

So basically my magic dream was just me being chased around a swamp (yes, that's right - a swamp) by a stinky, angry woodland creature. It wasn't the least bit wondrous and I didn't get to zap a thing.

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Jazz said...

Damn, it's tough being you. Was it a boy moose or a girl moose?

choochoo said...

it was an angry moose

Hageltoast said...

that's hilarious. Do you know why the moose was angry?

choochoo said...

uhm... I don't know. It didn't really seem as if it was a moment to sit down and talk about our feelings, ya know?

Anonymous said...

last night i dreamt i was a rooster, and the girl who works for me was a chicken. i flapped my wings at her until she did what i told her to do.